Backbone of success

first_imgThe team found that the segmentation clock ticks every five hours in the human cells and every 2.5 hours in the mouse cells. The difference in frequency parallels the difference in gestation time between mice and humans, the authors said.Among the next projects for Pourquié’s lab are investigating what controls the clock’s variable speed and, more ambitiously, what regulates the length of embryonic development in different species.“There are many very interesting problems to pursue,” he said.Another group publishing in the Jan. 8 issue of Nature uncovered new insights into how cells synchronize in the segmentation clock using mouse embryos engineered to incorporate fluorescent proteins.Pourquié is senior author of the HMS-led paper. Postdoctoral researcher Daniel Wagner of HMS is co-first author. Additional authors are affiliated with Kyoto University, RIKEN Center for Brain Science, and Brandeis University.Pourquié has started a company called Anagenesis Biotechnologies based on protocols developed for this study. It uses high-throughput screening to search for cell therapies for musculoskeletal diseases and injuries.This work was funded by National Institutes of Health grant 5R01HD085121. More than 20 years ago, the lab of developmental biologist Olivier Pourquié discovered a sort of cellular clock in chicken embryos where each “tick” stimulates the formation of a structure called a somite that ultimately becomes a vertebra.In the ensuing years, Pourquié and others further illuminated the mechanics of this so-called segmentation clock across many organisms, including creation of the first models of the clock in a lab dish using mouse cells.While the work has improved knowledge of normal and abnormal spine development, no one has been able to confirm whether the clock exists in humans — until now.Pourquié led one of two teams that have now created the first lab-dish models of the segmentation clock that use stem cells derived from adult human tissue.The achievements not only provide the first evidence that the segmentation clock ticks in humans but also give the scientific community the first in vitro system enabling the study of very early spine development in humans.“We know virtually nothing about human development of somites, which form between the third and fourth week after fertilization, before most people know they’re pregnant,” said Pourquié, professor of genetics in the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School and a principal faculty member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. “Our system should be a powerful one to study the underlying regulation of the segmentation clock.”“Our innovative experimental system now allows us to compare mouse and human development side by side,” said Margarete Diaz-Cuadros, a graduate student in the Pourquié lab and co-first author of the HMS-led paper, published Jan. 8 in Nature. “I am excited to unravel what makes human development unique.”,Both models open new doors for understanding developmental conditions of the spine, such as congenital scoliosis, as well as diseases involving tissues that arise from the same region of the embryo, known as the paraxial mesoderm. These include skeletal muscle and brown fat in the entire body, as well as bones, skin, and lining of blood vessels in the trunk and back.Pourquié hopes that researchers will be able to use the new stem cell models to generate differentiated tissue for research and clinical applications, such as skeletal muscle cells to study muscular dystrophy and brown fat cells to study Type 2 diabetes. Such work would provide a foundation for devising new treatments.“If you want to generate systems that are useful for clinical applications, you need to understand the biology first,” said Pourquié, who is also the Harvard Medical School Frank Burr Mallory Professor of Pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “Then you can make muscle tissue and it will work.”Although scientists have derived many kinds of tissue by reprogramming adult cells into pluripotent stem cells and then coaxing them along specific developmental paths, musculoskeletal tissue proved stubborn. In the end, however, Pourquié and colleagues discovered that they could facilitate the transformation by adding just two chemical compounds to the stem cells while they were bathed in a standard growth culture medium.“We can produce paraxial mesoderm tissue with about 90 percent efficiency,” said Pourquié. “It’s a remarkably good start.”His team created a similar model derived from embryonic mouse cells.The HMS researchers were surprised to find that the segmentation clock began ticking in both the mouse and human cell dishes and that the cells didn’t first need to be arranged on a 3D scaffold more closely resembling the body.“It’s pretty spectacular that it worked in a two-dimensional model,” said Pourquié. “It’s a dream system.” Potential treatment for muscular dystrophy Breaking down backbones Related Lab-grown muscle fibers offer new technique for studying muscle diseases Study examines how mammal backbones changed during evolution last_img read more

Habitat builds 20th home

first_imgNotre Dame Habitat for Humanity is committed to building one home every year for a needy family in the South Bend area.This year, the club built a home for James and Janice Plump, their daughter and grandson. Pat Laskowski, senior economics and applied mathematics major and co-president of Notre Dame Habitat for Humanity, said the Plump family has never before owned a home.Laskowski said his favorite part of Habitat is being able to work with the family all year.“After a whole year of working with somebody, you get to know them so well,” Laskowski said. “They are just so overwhelmed with joy and happiness to finally have this home and you’re there to share it with them. That’s an experience I cannot match with anything else.”A unique part of Habitat for Humanity is the involvement of the family, Laskowski said. The family has to put in 300 “sweat hours” working on their own homes and the homes of other Habitat families. The family works alongside twenty volunteers from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross during each build, according to the Habitat website.This year’s home is located in southwest South Bend among several other Habitat houses, Laskowski said.“It’s actually in the neighborhood of Habitat homes which is actually really exciting,” Laskowski said. “You can be there and you can say ‘Oh, I remember that Habitat build and that Habitat build.’ It’s a great community of people who love their homes.”Laskowski said each home costs $60,000 and the club has to finance over half of the money to the St. Joseph County Habitat for Humanity affiliate. To do so, the club spends most of the year fundraising.Laskowski said the club does a “Jail’n’Bail” where you can pay for a friend to get arrested and bailed out of a “jail” on South Quad. Part of the funds from Keenan Hall’s Muddy Sunday event also goes to the club. Their next fundraiser is a pizza eating competition in two weeks.Though the build for last Saturday was cancelled, Pat said the house would still be officially completed May 3rd, when it would be blessed and handed over to the family.Notre Dame Habitat for Humanity is special, Laskowski said. It is unlike any other college Habitat program and he hopes to see that continue for years to come.“We are the longest current running collegiate chapter in the United States,” Laskowski said. “This is our twentieth house in a row, so twenty years, twenty houses. … I’d like to see us continue that and to never see that falter.”Tags: habitat, habitat for humanity, notre habitat for humanitylast_img read more

Georgia warming?

first_imgBy Susan VarlamoffUniversity of GeorgiaWhat does global warming mean to you? State climatologist David Stooksbury, an atmospheric sciences professor in the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, answers questions on climate change in Georgia.How will global warming affect Georgia?We don’t know. The models don’t do a good job of predicting climates on the local scale or predicting extreme climate events.What we do know is that Georgia has cooled down slightly (0.1 degrees Fahrenheit) in the past 100 years. I think this is the result of Georgia’s going from primarily row-crop agriculture in 1900 to forest.Today, 60 percent to 70 percent of Georgia is forested, and we think transpiration of water vapor from the trees has caused a drop in temperature.Can we link high carbon dioxide levels to Earth’s warming?We have the highest carbon dioxide levels in recorded history. Atmospheric scientists have been sending up two weather balloons daily nationwide since 1948, and we see no trends for warming or cooling in the bottom half of the atmosphere.The measurements showing Earth is warming are taken on the surface. We’re just not sure of the feedback loops and what part is human-induced.If sea levels rise globally, will the Georgia coast be flooded?Along the Georgia coast, any change in sea level will have catastrophic impacts because of the shallow nature of our coastal waters. Around the world, we don’t see uniform changes in sea levels.The local sea level is modulated by local geological processes. Two important such processes are local uplift of the earth’s surface and the deposition of soil from the continent.On the global scale, ice melting in the sea doesn’t cause a sea level rise — only ice on land, such as Greenland. We know the North Pole is melting, but the South Pole ice sheet is increasing. These problems are complex.Can we expect hurricanes like Katrina to hit Georgia?Yes! Major hurricanes have struck Georgia in the past and will in the future, regardless of climate change. We hear about hurricanes only when they hit land, so this year we’ve had little news.In the 1800s, Georgia had six category 3 or higher hurricanes. Thousands of people were killed. We’re overdue for a major hurricane. But, as I said, our models can’t predict when.How does burning fossil fuels fit into global warming?It’s very complex. Atmospheric carbon dioxide caused by burning fossil fuels has increased since the 1750s and especially since 1945. Global temperatures have increased during the same period.However, there isn’t a simple, one-to-one relationship between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and temperature. We expect most of the warming to be at night, during the winter, in the higher latitudes. We might see very little warming during the summer in Georgia.If we don’t know the impact of fossil fuels, why do anything?We’re polluting our environment from coal-fired power plants and driving cars that produce health-harming pollutants. Our national security and economy depend on imported oil. So to control our own destiny, we need to develop alternative fuels.For Georgia, that means relying much more on solar power. Biofuels from agricultural and forestry waste show outstanding potential here. Along the coast, wind energy can be developed for peak power demands. No single energy source will solve the problem.Do you see any other weather variations caused by people?Yes — population increases and land changes. As soon as we have 2,500 people in a population center, we see warming signals.Atlanta is much warmer than the surrounding suburbs, often by 10 degrees. Downwind from major cities, we see more rain. In Southeastern summers, afternoon temperatures in farm fields are higher than in the surrounding forest.We must plan and design for things we do know, especially in land-use changes.(Susan Varlamoff is a program coordinator for the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Southwest ShowCAES

first_imgStudents desiring to attend the University of Georgia or those interested in learning more about the UGA Tifton Campus are invited to attend Southwest ShowCAES 2015, a recruiting event on Tuesday, Sept. 15, at the Tifton Campus Conference Center.Southwest ShowCAES is designed to introduce high school and college students to the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the UGA Tifton Campus. Prospective UGA students will meet with faculty and students from the nine different departments within the college and learn about all the academic programs that are offered. Representatives from financial aid and university admissions will also be available to answer questions.The evening is one of UGA Tifton’s biggest recruiting events each year, attracting approximately 200 people. “I have a personal connection with the event because it was helpful for me,” said Breanna Coursey, admissions counselor on the UGA Tifton Campus and former UGA Tifton student. As a student at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in 2010, Coursey attended Southwest ShowCAES and discovered there was an academic program available for her at the UGA Tifton Campus.“The most memorable part for me was that, after we visited with the different departments and had dinner, they had breakout sessions. There, I learned more about transferring, which is what I was hoping to hear more about. That’s really where I realized I could stay in Tifton and attend the University of Georgia. Up until that point, I thought Athens was my only option,” Coursey said. “I remember the information they gave me being really helpful, especially concerning GPA and credit hours.”After dinner there will be two breakout sessions: one for high school students who plan to attend UGA in Athens, Georgia, and one for current college students considering transferring to a UGA campus.“The exposure we receive from these events is very crucial. There are people in the Tifton community that do not realize they can get an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia here in Tifton,” Coursey said. “It is really exciting to think about the number of people we have the potential to impact.”The event will start at 5:30 p.m. and is free to attend. However, preregistration is requested to adequately prepare for the dinner. To preregister, go to For more information, contact Coursey at (229) 386-3077 or at [email protected] Sept. 15 event in Tifton is the first of two showCAES events that will be offered in south Georgia. On Thursday, Sept. 17, at 5:30 p.m., a similar event, Southeast ShowCAES, will be held in Statesboro, Georgia, at the Bulloch County Center for Agriculture.last_img read more

Christopher Barbieri to be honored as Boy Scouts’ Distinguished Citizen of the Year

first_imgRegistration closes todayDistinguished CitizenAward DinnerOctober 7, 2008ChristopherBarbieriGreen Mountain CouncilBoy Scouts of is external)To attend: Call 802-244-5189The Distinguished Citizen AwardThe Boy Scouts of America has beenfostering the values of citizenship andleadership in Americas youth since1910. In those years, more than 110million young men and women havecounted themselves as Scoutingalumni.There is no better way to foster positivevalues and to highlight the traits thatAmerica stands for then by having positiveand active role models to copy.The Green Mountain Council, BoyScouts of America recognizes and appreciatesthe service, leadership and visionof Christopher Barbieri. The youthof Vermont have a great role model tolook up to in Chris Barbieri.The Green Mountain Council is honoredand proud to present the DistinguishedCitizen Award to ChristopherBarbieri.last_img read more

Drug Queen of the Pacific, Sentenced to Prison in the U.S.

first_img She pleaded guilty to these charges in order to reach an agreement with the prosecution, which at first considered more serious accusations. “We expect this process to take a month, more or less,” stated her defense attorney, who works in Arizona (southwestern U.S.). Federal Judge Michael Moore sentenced Ávila Beltrán to 70 months of in prison – five years and eight months – but the judge took into consideration time she already served, including almost five years in Mexico, plus 11 months that the defendant spent in a Florida prison, after her extradition from her country in 2012. Ávila Beltrán was accused of conspiracy to import up to five kilograms of cocaine to the United States between 1999 and 2004 by U.S. authorities, as well as cocaine distribution charges during the same period. By Dialogo July 29, 2013center_img Wearing a beige inmate uniform and shackles on her feet, the “Queen” smiled upon hearing the sentence that will leave her in the custody of U.S. Immigration Services for the next few days, so she can be deported to Mexico later on. Ávila Beltrán, age 52, a prominent figure in the Sinaloa Cartel, reached a plea deal with the prosecution, resulting in her being charged with one crime: advising a drug trafficker to avoid justice, in reference to her former sentimental partner, Colombian trafficker Juan Diego Espinosa, aka “El Tigre”, a key player between Sinaloa and Norte del Valle cartels in Colombia. Mexican drug trafficker Sandra Ávila Beltrán, known as the “Queen of the Pacific”, was sentenced on July 25 to 70 months in prison by Miami’s Federal Court, for advising another drug lord. last_img read more

Easy ways to save this holiday season

first_img 56SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Details 2018 has absolutely flown by. Thanksgiving is just over a week away. It’s shocking, I know.If the holiday season has crept up on you, then I bet you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet (Hopefully you’ve bought your Thanksgiving turkey though). If you’re in need of a few extra bucks for the holidays, here are a few easy ways to cut back for the rest of the year.Only use cash: We’re living in the world of Amazon and Apple Pay, which makes spending money easier than ever. If you’re not the cash-carrying type, just remember that it feels a lot more personal every time you complete a transaction with cash. It’s enough to make you second guess your spending habits.Write it all down: Every single time you make a purchase, write it down. By physically jotting down every dollar you spend, you’ll quickly realize just how much money you spend on things that don’t really matter. Hopefully this can be a wake-up call to cut back on any frivolous spending.Grab a quilt: Turning down your thermostat is a simple way to save a few bucks over the rest of the year. I know it’s getting colder, but it’s an easy fix and it will save you a lot of money. Grab a blanket and those wool socks and deal with it. Having a few extra bucks to spend will be satisfying when you get ready to buy your niece that karaoke machine she’s been wanting.last_img read more

Arsenal 2019/20 Premier League fixtures in full

first_img August 2019 11 Aug – Newcastle United v Arsenal (A)17 Aug – Arsenal v Burnley (H)24 Aug – Liverpool v Arsenal (A)31 Aug – Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur (H) Advertisement Where will Arsenal finish this season?1st0%2nd0%3rd0%4th0%5th0%6th0%Share your resultsShare your resultsTweet your results Metro Sport ReporterThursday 13 Jun 2019 9:05 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link109Shares May 2020 2 May – Arsenal v Liverpool (H)9 May – Aston Villa v Arsenal (A)17 May – Arsenal v Watford (H) February 2020 1 Feb – Burnley v Arsenal (A)8 Feb – Arsenal v Newcastle United (H)22 Feb – Arsenal v Everton (H)29 Feb – Manchester City v Arsenal (A) November 2019 2 Nov – Arsenal v Wolverhampton (H)9 Nov – Leicester City v Arsenal (A)23 Nov – Arsenal v Southampton (H)30 Nov – Norwich City v Arsenal (A) December 2019 3 Dec – Arsenal v Brighton (H)7 Dec – West Ham United v Arsenal (A)14 Dec – Arsenal v Manchester City (H)21 Dec – Everton v Arsenal (A)26 Dec – Bournemouth v Arsenal (A)28 Dec – Arsenal v Chelsea (H) Comment January 2020 1 Jan – Arsenal v Manchester United (H)11 Jan – Crystal Palace v Arsenal (A)18 Jan – Arsenal v Sheffield United (H)22 Jan – Chelsea v Arsenal (A) Arsenal 2019/20 Premier League fixtures in full March 2020 7 Mar – Arsenal v West Ham United (H)14 Mar – Brighton v Arsenal (A)21 Mar – Southampton v Arsenal (A) October 2019 5 Oct – Arsenal v Bournemouth (H)19 Oct – Sheffield United v Arsenal (A)26 Oct – Arsenal v Crystal Palace (H) Advertisement Arsenal finished fifth last season despite the goals of Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Picture: Getty)Arsenal will begin their Premier League campaign against Newcastle at St James’ Park, and face both Liverpool and Tottenham in the opening month.Unai Emery’s side missed out on a top-four place last season following a disastrous run of form which saw them collect four points out of a possible 15.A miserable end to the campaign was compounded by a 4-1 defeat in the Europa League final against Chelsea which has put a significant dent in the club’s spending power this summer. September 2019 14 Sep – Watford v Arsenal (A)21 Aug – Arsenal v Aston Villa (H)28 Aug – Manchester United v Arsenal (A) April 2020 4 Apr – Arsenal v Norwich City (H)11 Apr – Wolverhampton v Arsenal (A)18 Apr – Arsenal v Leicester City (H)25 Apr – Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal (A)last_img read more

Airbnb expansion to include Gold Coast properties

first_imgYou can book a tent for two in the Gold Coast hinterland for $250 per night.A SAFARI-STYLE tent in the clouds with 180 degree views of Lamington National Park. Welcome to one of the latest listings on Airbnb that takes glamping to the next level while fitting firmly in the service’s latest expansion. This Broadbeach penthouse is described as ‘premium accommodation’. Or this house in Broadbeach Waters can be rented for $302 per night.The company will also expand its experiences category, adding concerts, social dining, adventures and social impact experiences.Airbnb expects to have more than one billion annual guests by 2028. Glamping experiences like this are part of Airbnb’s latest rollout of services.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa19 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoThe short-term rental website, which is so popular on the Gold Coast — particularly in the lead-up to and during the Commonwealth Games — it is said to threaten the traditional rental market, has announced a number of new additions to its functionality. Airbnb has unveiled plans to introduce four new property types to its service, expanding from ‘entire home’, ‘private room’ and ‘shared space’, to allow users to also search for ‘vacation home’, ‘unique’, ‘B & B’ and ‘boutiques’. It’s available for $611 per night.In addition to this, users will also be able to search for tiered properties — residences which have been verified for their quality, comfort and beauty — and a new ‘collections’ feature groups together property types to suit occasions, from Airbnb for work, to Airbnb for honeymoons or group getaways.last_img read more

Solskjaer: I’m sure we’ll win the league soon

first_img Promoted ContentWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?6 Best Natural History Museums In The World10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do10 Absolutely Stunning Asian ActressesEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show You7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldContemplate Life At These 10 Stargazing Locations2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s HystericalWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do This read also:Solskjaer calls for realistic expectations for market “I’m sure Manchester United will mount a challenge and get back to winning the league,” Solskjaer said. “When that’s going to happen is up to every single one who’s here and how quickly we can make this process go, we’re developing as a team, improving and we’ve come a long way in one season so let’s take Paul’s word into the dressing room and expect and demand more every single day.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… center_img Manchester United boss, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, is confident his team can win the league in the coming years. United are pushing the top teams in the league with their present form, as they are now unbeaten in 16 games. Having won their last four, United are now two points away from third place in the league. And Solskjaer thinks they can go on to another level next term and beyond.Advertisementlast_img read more