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first_imgTheatre criticism, unsurprisingly, offends pretty much everyone involved. The journalist who dares hint at any form of negative opinion is condemned for being narrow-minded and unjust, and the threat of appearing biased looms like a doom-laden thundercloud over any poor university student who fancies themselves as a bit of a Sheridan Morley. If your best friend has a sister at Durham whose tutor’s niece got into Balliol and is playing Ophelia in the Hamlet you’ve reviewed, you cannot commend her performance. Similarly, if it’s common knowledge that you and your college dad don’t get on, you cannot point out that his Oedipus had an unfortunate stutter without the danger of being vilified for a lack of objectivity.It is still worse if you yourself have drunk from the cup of ‘thesp’. In this situation, you may blithely agree to review an upcoming production only to find, upon arrival at the press preview, that it’s being put on by a director you’ve previously worked with, and features a cast of friends, all of whom see you every evening in the thesps’ gathering ground, the Far from the Madding Crowd pub. What if you don’t like it? Will you ever get a good role in Oxford drama again, if you say that these people couldn’t act their way out of a gold-sequinned ethno-rah handbag with a copy of Stanislavski ostentatiously poking out of it?The answer seems clear: don’t review plays. It’s universally acknowledged to be a complete waste of both the performers’ and the journalists’ time. No half-hour press preview can give you a proper sense of what the finished production will be, when it is put on in an uninspiringly bare lecture room in Oriel by a stressed cast who are clad, not in their costumes (which the RSC wardrobe department won’t lend out until show week), but completely in black. Not only will you offend everyone from the director to the marketing manager with your lukewarm critique of their efforts, you won’t even have got it right, since the whole play will have exploded in the final week of rehearsals with the arrival of the set, costumes, sound and lighting, into a bearable and even enjoyable show. But someone has to write these reviews, otherwise no student theatre-goer will know whether the week’s dramatic offerings are worth seeing or not, right?The problem that arises from the reviewing concept is that both the reviewers themselves and the productions they review really seem to believe in the power of theatre criticism to make or break a show. Thesps who have been critically savaged in the student press are treated almost as war-victims by their thesp colleagues. Not to mention the critics who have been ostracised for being too critical of student drama, or for showing bias towards productions with which they have a personal connection.Reviews, though, mean very little, if we’re being honest. Of course, if an aspiring Emma Thompson receives glowing praise from Cherwell, it will be a quote they exploit on their theatrical CVs for years to come. But who really takes any notice of what we reviewers actually say? We might as well tell people to deep fry their own grandmother, for all the influence we have upon our readers’ decisions. So, student directors, turn to the example of Chekhov for comfort when your play has been torn apart by an Oxford English student with an attitude: his 1895 production of The Seagull was so badly received that he left the auditorium halfway through in shame. And I believe he survived the temporary setback.ARCHIVE: 1st week MT 2005last_img read more

Ocean City Police Activity Report: Nov. 4-10

first_imgCalls for Service: 426 Daily Average: 61November 4, 2018: Sunday Calls for service: 62Stops: 14 Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 30 Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 8 Fire and 5 EMS callsCity ordinance noise, 900 block Wesley Avenue, at 1:10amMedical emergency, 900 block Haven Avenue, at 7:55amGas leak, 1400 block central Avenue, at 10:33amProperty check, 500 block Asbury Avenue, at 11:31amDog complaint, Coral Lane, at 12:49pmTheft from a motor vehicle, 500 block 7th Street, at 3:03pmOrdinance vehicle on beach, 34th Street beach, at 3:11pmTheft, 700 block Asbury Avenue, at 4:37pmNovember 5, 2018: Monday  Calls for service: 39Stops: 6 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 11 Alarms: 0      The Police Department assisted with 6 Fire and 2 EMS callsWire/pole down, 2800 block West Avenue, at 7:52amAbandoned vehicle, 700 block Moore Avenue, at 10:03amProperty damage, unit block Asbury Avenue, at 11:37amMotor vehicle accident, 9th & Ocean Avenue, at 4:57pmSuspicious person, 600 block Haven Avenue, at 6:31pmCDS arrest, 11th West Avenue, at 10:07pmNovember 6, 2018: Tuesday Calls for service: 63Stops: 8 Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 37 Alarms: 1The Police Department assisted with 9 Fire and 7 EMS callsMedical emergency, 3400 block West Avenue, at 9:18amProperty check, 1000 Boardwalk, at 10:04amCity ordinance, 300 block Atlantic Avenue, 1:43pmAbandoned vehicle, 500 block 14th Street, at 2:03pmFraud, 800 block Central Avenue, at 2:34pmFound property, 53rd & beach, at 5:52pmCDS arrest, 3300 block Asbury Avenue, at 7:38pmNovember 7, 2018: Wednesday Calls for service: 74Stops: 21 Accidents: 0 Property Checks: 28 Alarms: 2The Police Department assisted with 8 Fire and 4 EMS callsCity ordinance, 2500 block Central Avenue, at 7:37amWarrant arrest, 700 block Wesley Avenue, at 9:40amProperty check, Beach Road, at 6:35pmSuspicious person, 1400 block Ocean Avenue, at 11:40pmCity ordinance, 27th Street & beach, at 4:51pmNovember 8, 2018: Thursday Calls for service: 49Stops: 4 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 14 Alarms: 3The Police Department assisted in 10 Fire and 7 EMS callsBurglary, 600 block Central Avenue, at 6:32amSuspicious person, 2000 block Bay Avenue, 8:41amTheft, 5100 block West Avenue, at 11:16amFall private property, 2201 Bay Avenue, at 2:22pmJuvenile problem, 1000 block Boardwalk, at 3:39pmHarassment, 1300 block Asbury Avenue, at 6:15pmNoise, 1000 block Central Avenue, at 8:38pmSleeping in vehicle in 200 block Atlantic Ave. 10:05amMotor vehicle accident, 200 block 34th Street, at 10:38pmNovember 9, 2018: Friday Calls for service: 66Stops: 12 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 22 Alarms: 3       The Police Department assisted with 9 Fire 4 EMS callsHarassment, 600 block Wesley Avenue, at 7:20amSuspicious person, 100 block Bartram Lane, at 9:23amMotor vehicle complaint, 500 block Boardwalk, at 11:08amTheft, 2400 block Bay Avenue, at 12:15pmAccident, 3300 block Asbury Ave., at 12:35pmMedical emergency, 200 block Haven Avenue, at 3:58pmDisabled motor vehicle, Battersea Road, at 7:27pmProperty damage, Sweetwater Court, 10:13 pmNovember 10, 2018: Saturday Calls for service: 73Stops: 18 Accidents: 1 Property Checks: 28 Alarms: 4 The Police Department assisted with Fire and EMS callsCDS arrest, 800 block 8th Street, at 1:28amCity ordinance noise, 500 block 8th Street, at 4:27amDamage to a motor vehicle, Wesley Avenue, at 5:25amFall City property, 14th Street & Haven Avenue, at 12:50pmProperty damage, 17th Street, at 2:26pmMedical emergency, 900 block Wesley Avenue, at 1:59pmVerbal dispute, 900 block Ocean Avenue, 6:55pmAccident, 2000 block Simpson Ave., at 9:16pmWarrant arrest, 3400 block Bay Avenue, at 10:45pmPUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:Residents and visitors are encouraged to use the 911 system when reporting crimes and violations of the law. For non-emergencies call 609-399-9111. Many residents and visitors are using email when reporting various issues to the police. This may cause a delay and is not the most efficient way to get a timely response. The police department is located at last_img read more