Summer Trees’ Needs

first_imgThey make food best just after they expand to their full size and before the pests start nibbling,sucking and invading. For trees, now is a great time to be alive. Healthy, structurally sound trees have plenty to share. Trees that have been neglected, abusedand damaged have little food for anything but survival. You can help save trees through timely and tree-literate care. A summertime dream under thespreading branches of a healthy tree can be well worth the effort. All too soon, the tree’s bounty will go to feed many other mouths, processes and organisms. Is your tree gaining growth to survive and thrive another season? Or will this summer be theyear when your stressed tree finally evaporates into the environment from whence it came? Summertime trees have full, functional sets of leaves. Besides shading us from our amplesunlight, leaves take in carbon dioxide and churn out tree food. As far as the bugs go, trees shelter the good and the bad under the same canopy of leaves andaround the same roots. Under some conditions, the bad things reproduce fast. Only the goodbugs and the environment can control the fast-growing populations of bad bugs. Watering trees when they need it helps stressed trees make a living. During even short droughttimes, watering can greatly help young and old trees. Water is a tree’s most valuablecommodity in summer. At the same time, the tree’s food-making machinery breaks more often and becomes lessefficient. In fact, at higher temperatures, one of the gas-capture systems in tree leavesmistakenly starts grabbing oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. This costs the tree more food tocorrect. A tree is a mini-ecological system with checks and controls for living things. Under stressfultimes, tree-damaging creatures can gain an upper hand.center_img Even on humid days, the humidity drops quickly with rising temperatures. If leaves lose waterto the air faster than roots can absorb it from the soil, the leaves shut down. They take a noonsiesta that ends when the roots catch up in supplying water. Soon, fungi will take up housekeeping. Multiple generations of insects and other crawly thingswill move in. And all sorts of animals will hang around for the comfort, shade and food treesprovide. The summer heat forces a tree to use more of its food just to stay alive. For every 18-degreeincrease in temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a tree’s respiration needs (or food use)doubles. The long days of summer are upon us. The bugs, humidity and heat can make a grown personseek the shelter of air conditioners. You may be miserable, but what about your trees? Shouldyou bring them a cool drink? For trees, it’s not the humidity. It’s the heat. High relative humidities mean a tree needs tospend less on water uptake and control. Leaves don’t lose water as fast. With plenty ofmoisture in the air, nighttime dews and fogs reduce water loss. Next spring, you’ll be able to see how well your tree survived this summer. That’s whentree-food shortages, damaged tissues and health problems can be finally tallied. Water evaporating from soil and tree surfaces provide some cooling. Without water to makefood or cool themselves, trees can overheat. Be neighborly. Provide a drink for your trees. Leaves begin work as the sun climbs 5 degrees above the horizon and closes down at day’s endwhen the sun falls below 5 degrees from the horizon. It’s always a long summer work day fora tree leaf.last_img read more

Cahill grateful to Villa

first_imgGary Cahill has seen off one of his former clubs with Chelsea this week and hopes the Barclays Premier League leaders can beat another on Saturday. “Any player will tell you that when you’re playing against your old club there’s that added bit of emotion,” he said. “You try not to let it affect you and play your normal game but I’m a professional and the most important thing is that we won the game. They made it tough for us but thankfully we won.” Kurt Zouma’s debut goal was cancelled out by Matt Mills before Oscar netted what proved to be the winner on a night when victory should have been more convincing and Andre Schurrle, in particular, should have scored. Cahill added: “Schurrle created a lot for himself, I thought he played well, cutting inside and firing shots at goal. “People expect you to win the game and it’s not that easy. There have already been a few shocks and thankfully we weren’t one of them.” Filipe Luis started in defence alongside Cahill, the left-back signed from Atletico Madrid making his second start after beginning the Schalke match a week earlier. The Brazilian is happy to bide his time, believing the team is what is most important. He told the London Evening Standard: “Everyone wants to play. If you don’t, normally you’re not happy. “But when I came here, I spoke with (manager Jose) Mourinho and I knew I’d come to Chelsea to be a champion, not to be the best left-back or best crosser or something. “When you work with Mourinho, you have to know that the group, the collective is above the individual. I don’t think about myself right now. “The team are doing a great job. We won the first four league games and drew the fifth one. “I have nothing to complain about. I have to wait for my chance and when it comes I must make sure I don’t go out of the first 11.” “I had a great time at Villa, more than anything with the youth team,” Cahill said on “I owe a lot to them, they brought me through and I had a great time, so I’m looking forward to it. “They’ve had a great start to the season, apart from their last result, so it’s going to be another tough test for us.” Villa are three points behind Chelsea in third place in the table after a 3-0 defeat at home to Arsenal followed their win at Liverpool in the previous game. Chelsea’s win over Sky Bet Championship strugglers Bolton should have been more emphatic, but for some wasteful finishing, but Cahill was satisfied with a fifth win in an unbeaten seven matches at the start of the season. “It’s great to have a winning mentality,” he added. “If you have a couple of sticky results it puts the pressure on going into games but at the moment we’re unbeaten, we’re going well and we should have confidence, especially playing in front of our own fans at Stamford Bridge.” Cahill was one of only two players retained from the starting line-up which drew 1-1 at Manchester City, alongside Cesar Azpilicueta, and enjoyed featuring against Wanderers. Press Association Cahill, who joined Chelsea from Bolton in January 2012, helped the Blues to a 2-1 Capital One Cup win on Wednesday night to set up a fourth-round tie at Shrewsbury. Now the 28-year-old central defender, whose influence at Stamford Bridge is growing by the game, faces Aston Villa, the side where he began his career. last_img read more