Summer Trees’ Needs

first_imgThey make food best just after they expand to their full size and before the pests start nibbling,sucking and invading. For trees, now is a great time to be alive. Healthy, structurally sound trees have plenty to share. Trees that have been neglected, abusedand damaged have little food for anything but survival. You can help save trees through timely and tree-literate care. A summertime dream under thespreading branches of a healthy tree can be well worth the effort. All too soon, the tree’s bounty will go to feed many other mouths, processes and organisms. Is your tree gaining growth to survive and thrive another season? Or will this summer be theyear when your stressed tree finally evaporates into the environment from whence it came? Summertime trees have full, functional sets of leaves. Besides shading us from our amplesunlight, leaves take in carbon dioxide and churn out tree food. As far as the bugs go, trees shelter the good and the bad under the same canopy of leaves andaround the same roots. Under some conditions, the bad things reproduce fast. Only the goodbugs and the environment can control the fast-growing populations of bad bugs. Watering trees when they need it helps stressed trees make a living. During even short droughttimes, watering can greatly help young and old trees. Water is a tree’s most valuablecommodity in summer. At the same time, the tree’s food-making machinery breaks more often and becomes lessefficient. In fact, at higher temperatures, one of the gas-capture systems in tree leavesmistakenly starts grabbing oxygen instead of carbon dioxide. This costs the tree more food tocorrect. A tree is a mini-ecological system with checks and controls for living things. Under stressfultimes, tree-damaging creatures can gain an upper hand.center_img Even on humid days, the humidity drops quickly with rising temperatures. If leaves lose waterto the air faster than roots can absorb it from the soil, the leaves shut down. They take a noonsiesta that ends when the roots catch up in supplying water. Soon, fungi will take up housekeeping. Multiple generations of insects and other crawly thingswill move in. And all sorts of animals will hang around for the comfort, shade and food treesprovide. The summer heat forces a tree to use more of its food just to stay alive. For every 18-degreeincrease in temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a tree’s respiration needs (or food use)doubles. The long days of summer are upon us. The bugs, humidity and heat can make a grown personseek the shelter of air conditioners. You may be miserable, but what about your trees? Shouldyou bring them a cool drink? For trees, it’s not the humidity. It’s the heat. High relative humidities mean a tree needs tospend less on water uptake and control. Leaves don’t lose water as fast. With plenty ofmoisture in the air, nighttime dews and fogs reduce water loss. Next spring, you’ll be able to see how well your tree survived this summer. That’s whentree-food shortages, damaged tissues and health problems can be finally tallied. Water evaporating from soil and tree surfaces provide some cooling. Without water to makefood or cool themselves, trees can overheat. Be neighborly. Provide a drink for your trees. Leaves begin work as the sun climbs 5 degrees above the horizon and closes down at day’s endwhen the sun falls below 5 degrees from the horizon. It’s always a long summer work day fora tree leaf.last_img read more

Guardiola delighted by renaissance of attacking style

first_imgManchester, United Kingdom | AFP | Pep Guardiola believes his style of play is gaining traction across English football after he experienced a tough first season with Manchester City.Guardiola is pleased to see the high-possession, high-pressing and high-intensity approach he espouses has found popularity elsewhere in the Premier League, complimenting both Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur on the way they play.The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss saw his style questioned as he struggled to make an early impact at the Etihad Stadium, suffering the first trophyless season of his coaching career last term as City finished third in the table.The transformation this season has been remarkable, with City having dropped just four points in 22 league matches as they remain in contention for an unprecedented trophy quadruple.Having faced suggestions his style could not work in England, Guardiola is delighted to have proved his critics wrong, adding he loves to see other teams playing his way.“I like that, because more than a manager, I’m a fan. When I have to choose, those are the type of teams I like to watch,” he said.“Barcelona, I love to watch, first because I am a fan of the club, I grew up there, and especially because we are in a unmissable period in terms of seeing their great players, especially one (Lionel Messi).“I am happy that in Italy, Napoli are playing in a quite similar way. I identify quite well with how they play and how they want to do things.“It’s the same with Tottenham. Tottenham can drop points, but always I see the games and think: ‘They played well’. You always see they have 20, 25, 27 shots on target. And you see that and say: Wow.”– Liverpool tradition –Guardiola includes Liverpool, City’s opponents on Sunday, in the list of high-quality attacking teams in the Premier League. “I think Liverpool are playing like Liverpool were in the past, with all their history,” Guardiola said.“The fans are demanding attacking football. Liverpool have to defend their whole history.“In the 1980s, they dominated the world and European football. I think they are trying to respect that.“Some teams try to sit back against us. Liverpool played well against us. They tried. We want to do something quite similar. We want to try to be the best.”Few would expect City to stumble in this season’s contest for the Premier League title, given they are currently 15 points clear at the top, yet Guardiola has warned it is still possible.“In football and in sport, anything can happen. Of course, we can lose the title, because you never know what is going to happen in the next 13 or 14 games.“If we maintain our level, the consistency and the way we play, then OK, we have a chance. But you never know.”The Spaniard added: “If we start to go down, and lose confidence, and don’t play well regularly, then we will see.“Maybe that is going to happen, and I am going to shake the hand of my opponents and congratulate them for being champions.“You will always be judged on the result. I always try to say to the players: ‘Don’t read too much about what is done’.“It is simple: Just focus on the next game. That is the best advice I can give to my players. That’s the reason why I’m here — to talk to them.”Share on: WhatsApplast_img read more

Disney’s Elsa Gets a Girlfriend in Frozen 3

first_imgDisney’s Frozen 2 is not out yet and we are already talking about Frozen 3.It appears that Elsa is getting a girlfriend in the third installment.Disney wanted her to have a girlfriend in the sequel but were afraid that some countries would ban the movie if they did.There was six years between Frozen 1 and Frozen 2 so clearly Frozen 3 is down the road.The hope is by the time Frozen 3 comes around Elsa having a girlfriend and being a lesbian won’t be perceived as a controversial topic anymore.Parents, get ready to do some explaining to your kids when this movie hits theaters.last_img read more

GGDMA decries Govt’s burdensome taxes

first_img… tells Opposition Leader of hardships facing mining sectorThe top brass of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) decried the range of burdensome taxes implemented by the coalition Government.The Association’s executives raised their concerns during a meeting with a team of Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs), led by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday.The three-hour meeting, which was held at the GGDMA’s office at North Road,Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo along with his parliamentarian colleagues and the executives of GGDMA at Wednesday’s meetingBourda, Georgetown, saw the discussion of a number of important national issues affecting Guyanese; especially miners and those operating in the mining industry.In particular, the executives of the Association highlighted a number of critical challenges which the small-, medium- and even the larger-scale miners are currently facing.Among the challenges identified were the spike in taxes across the board implemented by the Government; in particular, the Tributors Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) on heavy-duty mining equipment, the two per cent Withholding Tax, breach of promises in respect of the grant of duty-free concessions on mining equipment, vehicles and fuel and the atrocious state of the roads in the mining areas and other related issues.After listening to the plight of the GGDMA executives, the Leader of the Opposition pledged his and his party’s continuous support in respect of the matters raised. He further endeavours to highlight their concerns in the National Assembly and at every other available forum.Jagdeo was accompanied by Opposition parliamentarians: Anil Nandlall, Irfaan Ali, Juan Edghill and Odinga Lumumba.Following the presentation of the 2017 National Budget back in December, and its subsequent passage in the National Assembly two weeks later, the GGDMA has complained bitterly about the range of new tax measures, accusing Government of ignoring the plight of small- and medium-scale miners. The Association has been the lobbying body of the mining industry for over 30 years.Of recent, stakeholders in the gold and diamond mining industry said they have “felt blindsided” and have been “surprised by the sudden, rushed and high-handed implementation of several new policy decisions” of the coalition in relation to the mining sector.In fact, in one of its missives earlier this year, the GGDMA bluntly questioned the “real motive of the [Government of Guyana] GoG in abandoning the long standing tradition of consultation with the industry and now resorting to an authoritarian style.”Taking a stance on the matter, the Association asserted that it was ready to take the necessary action to protect the livelihoods of all legitimate Guyanese and other miners who have invested time, money and energy in the sector.last_img read more

Nitrogen management and the complexities of the 4Rs

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest With the arrival of the 2016 growing season comes questions about how to best manage nitrogen (N). This annually vexing problem never seems to get any easier because there are so many moving parts to the complex decisions regarding the 4Rs (Right place, Right time, Right rate, Right source) and N.“I think we sometimes overlook that this is a very complicated system. The performance objective of N management is really important to consider. Is the goal to maximize yield, maximize economic return or minimize environmental loss? Sometimes these things do not go hand in hand,” said Josh McGrath, soil extension specialist with the University of Kentucky. “Sometimes we want to put out a positive story that if we minimize environmental loss, we also maximize economic return. That is not always the case. Sometimes you have to pick one as more important than the other. When you are at the economic optimum, your N losses might be higher than if you are taking an economic loss. Some of that has to do with the complexity of determining what the right rate really is. Sometimes even our best effort with N is still not going to be good enough.”In the end, the general focus needs to be on maintaining farm profitability with regard to N management and the 4Rs.“In general, I think folks are doing the best they can to maintain farm profitability, and that is necessary,” McGrath said. “Profitable farms can invest in more conservation practices. If we need to do better than what we are doing now environmentally, we need new technology and we need to invest in new methods in picking the right N rate, applying N to minimize the environmental impact, and we need to invest in developing new ideas about N management.”The immediate focus with improving N management should probably be on the timing of the applications, McGrath said.“The most important R without a doubt with N management is the right time. Timing is the one R we can best control. If we have the rest pretty good — if we are following good recommendations on our rate and we are placing it appropriately — timing is the low hanging fruit. Split applying or spoon-feeding to the crop is always going to increase efficiency and it is going to make you a smarter N manager because you’ve got more climate history behind you. You can adjust to what the weather has been,” McGrath said. “I think we also have to do a better job of adjusting our N rate for variability of what our N requirement is in space and time.”There are currently some tools to help improve the accuracy of rate decisions.“Some of the tools out there are the N sensors — GreenSeeker, OptRx or N Sensor are the three sensors on the market,” he said. “They can help us dial in that sidedress rate on the corn or the topdress on the wheat and do spatially variable applications and try and address the variability in N requirements. I think that now shows the most promise moving forward as far tools that are available out there.”last_img read more

New Member Benefits: SportsPass release

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) is delighted to announce a new initiative and exciting partnership with SportsPass. The relationship with SportsPass extends the benefits of affiliation for TFA and associated states, regions and affiliates and delivers on various TFA Strategic Plan 2011-15 objectives. This relationship provides an improved value proposition for you, and your members – who will now be able to access special deals, cheaper rates and bonuses. SportsPass is a dedicated member benefits program for Australian sporting associations and clubs that adds value to club memberships, whilst also providing a new funding source for Australian sport through the sale of the Supporter Cards. Firstly, members and supporters of participating associations and clubs benefit by having access to instant rewards from hundreds of participating SportsPass partners, through the ‘I am a member’ and ‘I am a supporter’ cards. For more information, please click on the attached media release and SportsPass information booklet.Related Filessportspass_media_release_april_2015-pdfsportspass_information_booklet_april_2015-pdfRelated LinksSportsPass Releaselast_img read more

24 days agoLiverpool boss Klopp prepared to be dumped from Carabao Cup

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Liverpool boss Klopp prepared to be dumped from Carabao Cupby Paul Vegas24 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool are still waiting to learn of their Carabao Cup status.The Daily Mail says Liverpool have yet to receive any indication from the EFL when they will discover their fate after fielding an ineligible player in the Carabao Cup win over MK Dons. The strongest sanction is expulsion from the competition – manager Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool must accept whatever punishment is given.”If it was our fault,” said Klopp, “we need to get punished.” last_img read more

The Worst: Ohio State’s Wireless Is Preventing Buckeye QB Stephen Collier From Watching “House Of Cards”

first_imgStephen Collier can't watch House of Cards because of Ohio State's wireless signal.Today is a great day. It’s Friday, but, more importantly, Season 3 of House of Cards has been released. Millions of people across the country will be visiting Netflix to watch Frank Underwood wreak havoc in Washington, D.C. Ohio State redshirt freshman quarterback Stephen Collier wants to be one of those people watching the show. But he can’t – the spotty wireless on OSU’s Columbus campus isn’t letting him access the online media platform. We feel for you, Stephen. Finally get a break to go watch House of Cards in between class in then Osuwireless does Osuwireless things— Stephen Collier (@S13Collier) February 27, 2015Ohio State wireless: step your game up. There’s TV shows to be binging.last_img read more