Highlights of the 2018 Indiana General Assembly

first_imgIndianapolis, in. — Here are some highlights of laws passed during the 2018 Indiana General Assembly that will take effect on July 1, 2018.Savannah’s LawSavannah’s Law will allow residents to take their cars to local fire departments for carbon monoxide testing. The law was written following the 2015 death of Savannah Bettis. She was killed in a car crash that was the result of carbon monoxide poisoning.Senate Enrolled Act 233This measure created a “Foster Parent Bill of Rights.” The law gives foster parents a strong voice when dealing with Indiana Department of Children’s Services and creates a panel of caregivers, foster parents and child-placing agencies to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of foster parents.House Enrolled Act 1002 House Enrolled Act 1002 is an attempt to align career and technical education programs to fill high-demand, high-wage jobs. The law also creates a grant program for working adults to continue their education.Senate Bill 24 Allows students to possess and use a topical, non-aerosol sunscreen product while on school property or at a school sponsored event or activity without being required to: (1) have a physician’s note or prescription; or (2) store the topical, non-aerosol sunscreen product in a specific location; if the product is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter use for the purpose of limiting ultraviolet light-induced skin damage. It also allows school personnel to assist a student in applying the sunscreen if the school has written permission from the student’s parent.House Bill 1116 Allows a dental hygienist to practice dental hygiene in a location, and without supervision under an access practice agreement with an access practice dentist. Services are provided under an access practice agreement, the access practice dentist will be available to provide emergency communication and consultation with the dental hygienist. The hygenist who provides services under an access practice agreement is required to maintain malpractice liability insurance.Senate Bill 158 Prohibits the act of performing or offering to perform scleral tattooing (Eye Tattoos), but provides an exception for the act of a licensed health care professional when the act is performed in the scope of the health care professional’s practice.Purple Paint LawBeginning July 1, 2018 if you see purple paint on a fence post or tree it means DO NOT ENTER!Here are the particulars about House Bill 1233:If purple paint is on a tree, it must be a vertical line of at least eight inches long with the bottom of the mark at least three feet, but not more than five feet from the ground. The mark shall not be more than 100 feet from the nearest other marked tree.If the mark is a post it must cover the top two inches of the post, with the bottom of the mark at least three feet but not more than five feet, six inches from the ground. The marked post must not be more than 36 feet from the nearest other marked post.The Purple Paint Law also protects property owners near public access trails.House Enrolled Act 1007This law expands the number opioid addiction treatment centers to 27, and insures Hoosiers are within a one hour drive for treatment.Senate Bill 262 Requires the bureau of motor vehicles to issue a handicapped permanent parking placard to a disabled Hoosier veteran when requested.House Bill 1309Requires sexual harassment prevention instruction to be provided annually to members of the general assembly and the personnel subcommittee of the legislative council (subcommittee) must prepare and submit recommended sexual harassment prevention policies governing legislators to the legislative council. The legislative council must approve the sexual harassment policies not later than November 20, 2018.Senate Bill 327 Allows county election boards to apply for reimbursement from the Indiana Secretary of State’s office for election and polling place security.House Bill 1358 Intersection safety study. Urges the legislative council to assign to a study committee the task of studying safety at certain intersections not controlled by a traffic signal and drainage along rural roads.Senate Bill 44Provides that expenditures for contraband detection equipment are permissible expenditures of money in a patients’ recreation fund, students’ recreation fund, or inmates’ recreation fund maintained by a psychiatric, benevolent, penal, or correctional institution.Senate Bill 178 Sand taken from the bed or from under the bed of Lake Michigan pursuant to a permit from the department of natural resources (DNR) may only be deposited on the beach of Lake Michigan and may not be removed to any other place or used for any other purpose.Senate Bill 236 Designates Pyractomena angulata, also known as “Say’s Firefly”, as the official state insect of Indiana.Senate Bill 301 Allows expanded criminal history checks instead of certain background checks and criminal history checks for home health care workers. Prohibits an expanded criminal history check to include certain criminal history information. Provides that an expanded criminal history check satisfies the division of aging’s criminal history requirements.last_img read more

Cougars Battle Yellowjackets & Knights In Middle School CC

first_imgThe North Decatur Middle School Boys Cross Country meet vs. Morristown and St. Mary’s was a great meet. Although we did not have enough runners to compete as a team all the boys placed well and all set new personal records.Mason Burkhart placed 3rd with a PR of 13:12. Hunter Lowe placed 8th with a PR of 14:00. Kamron Benson placed 9th with a PR of 14:05.The Girls Cross Country meet versus Morristown and St. Mary’s was a great meet. We did not have enough runners to place as a team, but we did have personal records set by all athletes. Madi Allen placed 2nd with a PR of 13:22. Kara Lowe placed 11th with a PR of 16:45. Kendall Hostkoetter placed 12th with a PR of 16:54. Cecilia Barber placed 21st with a PR of 20:23.  Courtesy of Chargers Coach Scott Morris.last_img read more