Museum of Pizza is Cheesiest Art Exhibit Ever

first_img Pizza is enjoyed by the millions, yet it isn’t only savored in bars and restaurants. Foodies now have another hotspot to appreciate this cheesy Italian dish: The Museum of Pizza.Located in Brooklyn, New York, this exhibit-meets-Instagram playground gives visitors a glimpse of the past, present, and future of pizza via artwork. From psychedelic pies to abstract slices, The Museum of Pizza doesn’t come short on culinary admiration. As a creation of Nameless Network, a Brooklyn-based youth media network, The Museum of Pizza aims to celebrate pizza culture and explain why pizza is a game-changer when it comes to comfort food.Ready to feast your eyes on all things pizza? Read on to learn about The Museum of Pizza, which will be open until Nov. 18, and why it’s worth a trip for your social media feed.Pizza in the Past“History of Pizza” (Photo Credit: Genevieve Scarano)Your first stop at The Museum of Pizza is a cinema room, where you’ll get the 411 on pizza’s historical facts. Dubbed “History of Pizza,” this interactive movie exhibit provides background information on Italy’s cuisine roots, key pizza ingredients, and how delivery boxes rose in popularity during the ’40s and ’50s. Fun fact: According to The Museum of Pizza, approximately three billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year. That’s a lot of ooey, gooey, and cheesy effort.Trippy Parlor“Psychedelic Pizza Parlor” print (Photo Credit: Genevieve Scarano)A plate isn’t the only place for your delicious pie. Pizza culture is the next must-see exhibit on the tour, and artists including Sarah Bahbah and Jeremy Couillard, are serving up slices in many art forms. Take in a pizza box collage or trippy graphic pizza print at the exhibit, “Psychedelic Pizza Parlor.” Considering there are so many paintings, prints, and plushy variations of pizza, you’ll want to carve out at least 10 minutes to see the meal in the most beautiful, colorful, and wacky forms.Pizza box art (Photo Credit: Genevieve Scarano)A Slice of Instagram Heaven“Pizza Beach” (Photo Credit: Genevieve Scarano)Behind the glass? Not here. Visitors get to take part in the “cheesy” fun at The Museum of Pizza with interactive 3-D art exhibits that highlight the famous dish.Hit up “Pizza Beach,” by Adam Green, to soak in the sun, enjoy the water, and get lost in a pizza paradise. Or, if you’re dying to see the fusion of beauty and pizza, come see “Say Cheese” by Shawna X, where there are sculptures of a pizza compact, pizza lipstick, and toe nail art designs. The best part? It’s all open for the ‘gram, just in case you wanted to snap some shots of your pizza-perfect atmosphere.“Say Cheese” by Shawna X (Photo Credit: Genevieve ScaranoIn-the-Box Predictions“Welcome to the future/Dark side of Moon” by Gazoo (Photo Credit: Genevieve Scarano)We dabbled in pizza’s past and present, but we’re even more curious about its future. Even though technology will continue to increase, pizza isn’t going anywhere. It will still be in different forms, whether it’s a classic margherita style or a deep dish pie, and consumed by the masses worldwide. As “Welcome to the future/Dark side of Moon” by Gazoo suggests, “The Future is Pizza.” It could be 2018 or 3018, and pizza will still be a top meal pick for generations to come.More on Pizza Month: Feast Your Eyes on the 10 Weirdest Pizza FlavorsAstronauts: They’re Just Like Us! Rocketeer Orders Pizza on Return to EarthDomino’s Japan Introduces the Decadent Ultra-Topping Pizza Stay on target PewDiePie Pulls $50,000 Pledge to Anti-Hate Group After Fan BacklashPolice Arrest Dutch YouTubers for Trespassing Area 51 Site last_img read more