Content links reprint winning Sambo website optimization

, a content rich and high-quality original content is king: King

"content is king, link for emperor" has been a lot of website construction and website optimization practitioners adhere to the principle, and a lot of ideal ranking sites, careful analysis also invariably adhere to this eight words. The content is the site of the soul and flesh, only the rich content of the site is the user real love, it is favored by search engine. Remove the rich content, high quality links in the website construction and website optimization in practice, we found that the content of the reprint rate has also been included in the scope of the search engine website weight assignment considerations. The content should be reproduced in the "content is king" category, because the original content and quality reprint rate actually have a certain causal relationship, but in order to highlight the reasons, we can be together called "content is king, the link for the emperor, for reprint". read more

The 360 force field of mobile search launched more comfortable independent brand good


to search around for example, on the PC side, the search key is to solve the head needs to search for information, entertainment, daily hot news occupies most of the search needs. However, while in the mobile terminal, the search is often closely related to their geographical position and demand and localization service. If the PC search thinking to the mobile terminal, simple PC segment search results for mobile phone adapter, apparently unable to meet user needs in a mobile environment.

A new read more

How to judge your site is search engine block and coping method

for many webmaster, site is down right, included reducing, lower ranking and so on are the webmaster more trouble, more importantly, most of the owners did not know their website is love Shanghai blacklist or your own website which was out of the question, this paper aims at the factors the full range of help you analyze your website exactly which aspects of a problem.

so, for these cases, we should from which aspects to solve it, according to the author’s personal experience, published some views and experience of relevant person. read more

The talented Liu Nan from stay at home mom to entrepreneurial upstartTo make content more interactiv

"F2 is on the show this year! Yoyo and bee are covered!". "Combi’s face was completely saved," he said. "Ta_da, the strange box that came out this afternoon was a sandwich mold that automatically cuts off the corners that you don’t like.". It’s convenient to do so, otherwise it is called "Bento only"."

let’s take a closer look at interactive content, how it works, and how it can effectively help you achieve your marketing goals. read more

Sina blog seconds seconds update snapshot of how to make

, in fact I think love Shanghai have care for the brand word. Because my blog name is easy, and Shanghai dragon search the word the user is looking for me, but the Sina blog is the description of love Shanghai to match the title of the post and I love Shanghai in order to search for the word of the first time the user can see changes in my blog update content, perform real-time snapshot update.

said the independent domain name high weight, it is necessary to use their own Sina blog with everyone Bihuabihua today to a Shanghai dragon, in the Sina blog now can reach the second and second update snapshot. Nonsense not say a photo card: read more

nterpretation of the reasons noble baby search can not get a firm foothold in South Korea

We first introduce the

Naver search page and yahoo page is very similar, with a large amount of information. And then go the nobility baby’s minimalist style, the only menu bar, search box, logo search button, but it seems that a global unified style is not very popular in South korea. Have a lot of information search page seems to be more popular.

From the above we can see that the

defeated the nobility baby Naver search. Naver is the number of the Korean domestic users the most search engines, according to statistics of the market share of more than 70%. Since the launch of Naver in 1999 will double by the South Korean people of all ages. We first look at the comparison between the Naver and the nobility baby search page. read more