, a content rich and high-quality original content is king: King

"content is king, link for emperor" has been a lot of website construction and website optimization practitioners adhere to the principle, and a lot of ideal ranking sites, careful analysis also invariably adhere to this eight words. The content is the site of the soul and flesh, only the rich content of the site is the user real love, it is favored by search engine. Remove the rich content, high quality links in the website construction and website optimization in practice, we found that the content of the reprint rate has also been included in the scope of the search engine website weight assignment considerations. The content should be reproduced in the "content is king" category, because the original content and quality reprint rate actually have a certain causal relationship, but in order to highlight the reasons, we can be together called "content is king, the link for the emperor, for reprint".

to do the quality of the content, the first is to refuse to refuse to copy, pseudo original. That is because of the search engine is a kind of deception, pseudo original after all is not true, there are certainly many repeat content. Now change the title, through a lot of pseudo original tools to adjust the order, replace the phrase by means of pseudo original. But in any case pseudo original are not to be ignored, the article from the search engine to. For the spread of fake original, search engine to start the semantic analysis, analysis of web content and overlap. Because the pseudo original content, due to the adjustment of the paragraph to replace the phrase, a lot of internal logical relationship has not. In any case can not be adjusted, the original contents replace all changes, and search engine overlap analysis became false original.

two, the link is emperor: high weight correlation link is the king of

if the topology of website is the skeleton, so content is the site of the soul and flesh. Content is king is not to say that the website only content is king, but probably only the quality of the original content is the king. For search engines, every day to deal with massive search spider crawling and information on screening also need to form a snapshot of search engine inside the server send there. To know the website content though massive, although beyond count, but the real original, quality content for the search engine it is very rare. Duplicate content included will undoubtedly cause a huge waste of money and time, generally the same content even if search engine spiders crawling, will not be included, even if some of the content included, just choose some relatively high weight website released.

wants to know the importance of links, the principle to understand how the search engines crawl the website. The search engine spiders, from a web site after entering can continuously along the link crawling (search engine company will establish a website database, own and will be arranged, and the database website is with the accumulation of more and more time), these links may be text text links.


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