to search around for example, on the PC side, the search key is to solve the head needs to search for information, entertainment, daily hot news occupies most of the search needs. However, while in the mobile terminal, the search is often closely related to their geographical position and demand and localization service. If the PC search thinking to the mobile terminal, simple PC segment search results for mobile phone adapter, apparently unable to meet user needs in a mobile environment.

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January 6th, 360 search announced the official launch of independent brand "good search, the search engine industry new search brand was born.

a lot of people think that mobile search may have more space, it seems to me that in fact is the opposite." Qi Xiangdong pointed out, first of all, users of mobile search entrance cognition has diversified, cultivated PC market search brand, to the mobile phone has actually been devalued, which gives mobile search new opportunities; secondly, the mobile Internet era still cannot do without the search, despite the use of frequency in the PC scene will be reduced, but the mobile phone on the birth of no PC on demand; moreover, the mobile Internet content and services every day in the growth of fission, need to move the search engines recommend content and services required for the user.

"we be simply summarized as" good search convenient ", we create truly meet the habits and needs of users of mobile environment, more convenient, more good" search for ". Let the "search" to shine in the mobile Internet era, become mobile 600 million mobile phone users favorite search. "Qi Xiangdong said." When the mobile search to obtain a higher market share, search good user reputation and brand image, will drive PC and moving on the whole "

360 President Qi Xiangdong stressed that the launch of the independent brand "search", in the end of PC resources remains the same, to focus on the mobile side force.

in recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet, including BAT, millet, 360, all the mobile Internet is seen as the future growth, including the unfamiliar street, WeChat, etc., adorable face secret, a batch of heavy mobile products have also emerged. However, in the era of PC very influential in the era of mobile search, seems to have gradually become mediocre". In the eyes of many people, just copy the current mobile search PC terminal mode, no disruptive innovation, is the era of mobile Internet will become the search Waterloo

based mobile search thinking, good search in the independent brand with the launch of the seven kinds of weapons, including the magic mirror at ease purchase, medicine, word search, touch the conscience, and talk about the surrounding kaleidoscope, "heart". These functions are reliable, convenient, real-time, safe from many aspects, localization services, social function, fully meet the user search habits and needs in a mobile environment, make good search become more comfortable and better with the APP mobile search, mobile search to promote the promotion of brand value.

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