for many webmaster, site is down right, included reducing, lower ranking and so on are the webmaster more trouble, more importantly, most of the owners did not know their website is love Shanghai blacklist or your own website which was out of the question, this paper aims at the factors the full range of help you analyze your website exactly which aspects of a problem.

so, for these cases, we should from which aspects to solve it, according to the author’s personal experience, published some views and experience of relevant person.

first, we can use the two principles, all will be divided into two cases, one is determined to be love Shanghai punishment, another is not necessarily love the Shanghai penalty, this paper aims to analyze the love of Shanghai, for the other search engines, similar to, but we also need to analyze his mechanism.

, according to the author’s personal experience, for a snapshot of the problem, we just make a reference to the mechanism, is this love Shanghai, love Shanghai every day will crawl the site of different types of pages to make a similar picture is stored, this is what we call love Shanghai snapshot for search different needs of the love of Shanghai to present the user snapshot is different, and different regions show is different, this is why the snapshot changes, so we don’t have to be, and love the Shanghai database is limited, it is compared with Google, he is contained in it is inevitable to spit out a part of the abnormal phenomenon which may cause the snapshot of the page.

so, not sure what is love of Shanghai to punish the

for the website is right down the situation, we must first look at what is wrong, what is the decline in ranking factors, we take a look at your site, whether the article copy >

According to the

must be love Shanghai what are the factors of punishment.

? We first confirm that

must be love Shanghai punishment mainly includes the following five aspects, the first is included in the website, the snapshot is also normal, but without the ranking; the second is the page is included, but contains search ranking keywords title, ranking all disappeared; third kinds of situation is when the site index, only the home page, this only for the old site, the new site may have fourth kinds of assessment period; the situation is that sometimes there is the old home page snapshot, the site, the last one is the station without snapshot, this is characterized as K.

in view of this situation, according to the author’s experience, the following main points, the first is the site of our home is not the first, similarly, domain our website home page is not in the first place, and to reduce or increase the number of site sites and snapshot stagnation, snapshot backwards, there is news release will not be included, the last one is the change of flow, unstable situation.

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