, in fact I think love Shanghai have care for the brand word. Because my blog name is easy, and Shanghai dragon search the word the user is looking for me, but the Sina blog is the description of love Shanghai to match the title of the post and I love Shanghai in order to search for the word of the first time the user can see changes in my blog update content, perform real-time snapshot update.



said the independent domain name high weight, it is necessary to use their own Sina blog with everyone Bihuabihua today to a Shanghai dragon, in the Sina blog now can reach the second and second update snapshot. Nonsense not say a photo card:


said so much here for everyone to share my blog operation experience, careful friends will find me with this blog about Shanghai dragon is not particularly. This blog because I use spare time to take care of, but more than 80% of the A5 submission by post content quality, I dare say is hard to do for ourselves to live up to the audience. Many webmaster to Shanghai dragon as a work to do and I take it as a part of life, a large part of Shanghai dragon is writing articles and good writing is to communicate with the reader, will be his own experiences to share with other people. The webmaster should reflect on yourself is how to update the site, how to update the content is hard to do or to perfunctory search engine and do.

I write each article is through research and then to write, take the anchor text "what?" this blog, I found a lot of people still have a demand in Shanghai after love search, but in Shanghai the top content basically is the anchor text can be improved rankings weight etc, and my blog illustrated and described many titles and no keywords ranking case can be obtained through the anchor text, vividly tells the anchor text in addition to the rankings and weight can also tell the relevance and topic search engine website.

here is that my blog is updated every day, you can go to my blog to see the updated date sometimes continuous half a month with no update, but once I update the article basically will be included in Shanghai love. Sometimes there are exceptions (article add the anchor text outside the chain), I think this may be a new filtering algorithm to love Shanghai.

you can see I cut second chapters above circled in red box contents are updated today which I blog content and anchor text have not been included, but not with the anchor text is included in several articles are before half a month in A5 has been submitted to the article a large number of reproduced still can achieve the effect. As shown below:


In addition to the content of


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