Weather causes game day traffic

first_imgDrizzly weather did not dampen the weekend’s festivities, as approximately 100,000 people braved consistent rain and wind for Saturday’s nail-biter against Stanford, according to Mike Seamon, associate vice president for campus safety.Kevin Song | The Observer “Overall the weekend was a huge success for the University, both on and off the field,” Seamon said. “As anticipated, we had quite a large number of visitors on campus Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we had over 1,200 people attend the football luncheon, 3,525 people visit the Stadium tunnel and over 7,500 people attend the pep rally, which was held in the Compton Family Ice Arena.”Across the board, the number of fans touring the Stadium remains consistent with previous estimates from the Rice and Michigan games, for which the total amounted to 3,600 and 3,500, respectively. Attendance at the luncheon has continued increasing from 850 before the Rice game and 1,110 during the Michigan weekend, according to Seamon.With so many thousands of fans arriving for the game, the rain impacted traffic conditions by causing more vehicle congestion, Seamon said.“Not surprisingly, our biggest challenge this past weekend was the inclement weather,” he said. “Given the cold, wind and rain, it was a later arriving crowd than usual to both campus and the Stadium. The lateness of the crowd put some added pressure on incoming traffic and the last minute rush into the Stadium, but overall things ran very smoothly.”Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) Chief Phil Johnson said fans leaving campus also faced difficulties due to the weather.“Traffic ran smoothly before and after the game although rains during the outbound slowed traffic a bit resulting in some delays on area streets,” he said. “Police assisted motorists on streets and roads surrounding campus and facilitated traffic departing campus.”Johnson said NDSP made seven arrests Saturday, marking a decrease from the 16 arrests made Sept. 6, the day of the Michigan game.“One ticket was issued [Saturday] for minor consumption of alcohol,” he said. “Two arrests were for public intoxication or public order related offenses. Five people were arrested for shoplifting.”Seamon said the University used the Stanford game as an opportunity to celebrate the recent successes of other Notre Dame teams, “including the 2013 NCAA men’s soccer national champions, the 2014 NCAA runner-up men’s lacrosse team and the 2004 NCAA women’s soccer champions.“We also had former football monogram winners form the tunnel at the beginning of the game,” he said. “This weekend was the Notre Dame band alumni weekend where over 800 band alumni members joined the current ND band for the on-field pre-game and halftime performances.”“Even with the bad weather, it was a great weekend for the University capped off by a huge win over Stanford,” Seamon said.Tags: arrests, football, Mike Seamon, NDSP, Notre Dame, Phil Johnson, Rain, Stanford, Stanford Universitylast_img read more

Perfect Day

first_imgMy idea of what constitutes a “perfect day” is a bit of a moving target that’s shifted over time. When I was younger, an Allman Brothers show was definitely in the mix. Probably a visit to the Waffle House too. When my kids were babies, a very long nap followed by a marathon session of NFL was about as perfect as a day could get. My perfect day now? It would definitely include riding singletrack. Probably some sushi. And are the Allman Brothers still together? Let’s get them back in the picture too. If you ask me that question during winter, substitute fresh powder for singletrack and carry on with the plan. And don’t forget a bunch of these Perfect Day IPAs. They’re in the mix no matter what the season.Asheville Brewing Company has been brewing Perfect Day for at least a year now, but they just recently started canning the beer. You could argue that there are already too many IPAs on the market, and that the last thing a beer-drinker needs is to sort through yet another juicy, hop bomb. It’s a stupid argument, but you could make it. Here’s how that argument goes: “The shelves are packed with so many hoppy IPAs, I can’t make a decision on which beer to get.”I’ve actually made the argument myself on occasion, frustrated with the sheer volume of choices, unable to pick my next sixer because there are just too many beers. It’s enough to make you retreat into a can of something familiar, an old standby beer that’s good, sure, but more importantly, safe. Because not every new beer is great. Some of them actually suck. I had one the other day that tasted like regret with a hint of mint. That’s probably the only real problem with this massive brewing boom—not all of it is good. Every new beer you try is a gamble and nobody wins all the time. So why not just stick with the beer you know? Right?But every once in a while you take that leap of faith on a new beer and taste something like Perfect Day IPA, and you remember why it’s so important to take chances every once in a while. Perfect Day is an incredibly citrusy, balanced beer that eschews the bitter finish of old school IPAs, delivering waves of sweet, fruitiness instead. It has a smooth, almost fluffy mouthfeel that makes it dangerously easy to drink. The best part, it’s now available in cans year round, which means I can throw it into my perfect day scenario, whether I’m shredding singletrack or ripping powder. Now everyone sing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” with me: “Oh what a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you…”last_img read more

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series: Nashville

first_imgWe also invite you to take on our Remix Challenge.  Run 1 Mile on Thursday, April 26th plus any other distance that weekend and get three medals!  You are already training for one day… why not make it two and earn some sweet bling?! If you just can’t get enough Rock ‘n’ Roll running on your weekend, the Remix Challenge is definitely for you.Music is a core part of our DNA here at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.  As part of our commitment to deliver more music, we are excited to announce this year’s Toyota Rock ‘n’ Roll Concert Series Headliner will be Hunter Hayes! 2017 St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon Saturday, April 29, 2017 in Nashville, TN. For over 20 years, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series has made running fun by infusing each course with live bands, cheer teams and more. In 2018, we are bringing our best to the St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon & Ѕ Marathon with more music, runner support, and community engagement every step of the way.St. Jude Nashville Marathon Friday April 28, 2016 in Nashville, Tenn. Photos by Donn Jones Photography Registered participants have first dibs on free tickets, so what are you waiting for? We invite you, your friends and family to run with us in 2018! This event is a bucket list race that features one of our series’ largest block parties thanks to terrific community support from start to finish.  With the marathon, half marathon, 5K and 1 mile distances, there is something for everyone.2017 St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon Saturday, April 29, 2017 in Nashville, TN.last_img read more

Chilean and Ecuadorean Defense Ministers Review Cooperation Agreements

first_imgBy Dialogo January 31, 2012 The defense ministers of Chile, Andrés Allamand, and Ecuador, Javier Ponce, reviewed the military cooperation agreements in effect between the two countries and signed a memorandum for the peace missions in Haiti, the Ecuadorean Government announced on 27 January. Allamand, who was concluding a two-day visit to Ecuador, met with Ponce to evaluate, in particular, a strategic alliance between the Chilean munitions firm Fábrica de Maestranzas del Ejército and the Ecuadorean munitions firm Santa Bárbara S.A. The ministers also signed an addendum to the memorandum of understanding for the Joint Company of Engineers participating in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), with the aim of improving the military participation of both contingents. They also “reviewed the progress made by the South American Defense Council in 2011, particularly with regard to confidence-building and transparency measures, as well as that organization’s future prospects,” the statement added. Quito and Santiago signed an agreement in 2009 to make their arms purchases public, while Chile has been working on renovating two Ecuadorean submarines in order to prolong their useful lives for an additional 20 years. Allamand also presented a Chilean project to develop risk maps, directed at promoting natural-disaster prevention in the region, and visited aviation and naval schools in the coastal city of Salinas.last_img read more

Peru Makes Progress Against Illegal Mining

first_img LIMA, Peru – The Peruvian government has deployed reinforcements in the fight against illegal mining, which causes the Treasury losses of $500 million Peruvian soles (US$183 million) annually, more than three times the $159 million soles (US$58 million) the Interior Ministry invests in equipment and upgrades for the country’s National Police. The activity is more profitable than narco-trafficking. Illegal gold mining generates US$1.8 billion, while drug trafficking generates US$1.2 billion a year, according to the 2012 report by the consulting firm Macroconsult titled “The Economics of Illegal Gold Mining in Peru.” Gold accounts for a majority of the illegal mining in Peru, yet copper, silver and non-metallic minerals such as coal also are illegally mined, according to the Ministry of the Environment. To continue the process of formalizing all forms of mining nationwide, which began in February 2012, Peruvian authorities appointed retired Col. Wilfredo Álvarez Mendoza as the high commissioner for mining formalization, illegal mining interdiction and environmental remediation. Álvarez Mendoza also will coordinate a team focused on closing illegal mines throughout the country. “It is estimated that in Peru there are 100,000 informal miners, including more than 70,000 of whom are interested in taking part in the formalization process,” Juan Jiménez Mayor, the president of the Council of Ministers, said during Álvarez Mendoza’s appointment on May 6. Illegal mining is present in 21 of Peru’s 25 departments, according to the report “The Management of the State versus Informal and Illegal Mining in Peru,” which was presented in February by the Office of the Ombudsman. In addition to economic losses, there are serious social and environmental impacts, particularly in the Amazon region. “It’s most likely there [in the Amazon], particularly in the departments of Madre de Dios, Cusco and Puno, where the worst effects have been seen,” said Ernesto Ráez Luna, an adviser to the Ministry of the Environment’s senior management. “It is the main enclave of illegal gold mining in Peru.” New dangers “This mainly happens in mountainous and coastal areas (the departments of Ayacucho, Arequipa, Ica and Piura), with the mining of gold and copper, and somewhat less in cases involving coal and other nonmetallic minerals, such as limestone that is used for construction,” he said. Proactive enforcement Ráez said proactive enforcement must be included in the strategy to formalize illegal mining. Illegal miners argue they are not criminals because they are engaged in an activity of subsistence. “[Nevertheless,] there are crimes being committed and rights that are being violated,” Ráez said. “But you can’t prosecute or arrest 100,000 people,” he added. The government’s plan seeks to stop the extraction, sale and export of minerals that have been taking place for decades in Peru without any official oversight. The ministries of Energy and Mines, the Environment, the Interior and the Economy and Finance, as well as regional and local governments, among other institutions, have worked together to combat illegal mining. Formalization includes six steps and will be completed by April 2014. “The risk we run is that to protect itself, illegal mining will begin to be used to finance armed groups, which we have seen in Colombia,” said Environment Minister Manuel Pulgar-Vidal in a May 11 interview with El Comercio newspaper’s Somos magazine. “We’re close to having this happen.” To date, the illegal alluvial mining of gold has destroyed 18,000 hectares of a total of about 77 million hectares of the Peruvian Amazon – 57.6% of the country – largely as a result of the use of mercury, according to Ráez Luna. The fish in Madre de Dios – the region most affected by illegal gold mining in Peru – have mercury levels above those permitted by the Word Health Organization, according to a study carried out in 2009 by the Carnegie Institution for Science. In some cases, levels have reached 1.12 ppm (parts per million), well above the 0.5 ppm limit. “Methylmercury has been detected in the waters contaminated by illegal mining,” Ráez Luna said. “This compound is highly toxic and easily enters into living organisms such as plants, animals and human beings. It mainly affects the nervous system, with serious consequences for the mental development of children.” The damage caused will not immediately result in a hospital visit, Ráez Luna added, but it leads to children’s “having an IQ that is five, 10 or 15 points lower than they would have had in optimum environmental conditions.” Ráez added underground mining also generates a significant environmental impact, particularly when it comes to water pollution. Illegal miners extract minerals using picks, sort through the material and grind it using traditional mills. The material undergoes a process of amalgamation that uses large amounts of water, mercury, cyanide and coal. In most cases, these waters are discharged into surrounding farmland, rivers and the Pacific Ocean. By Dialogo June 19, 2013 The first step involves a “statement of commitment,” which includes declarants’ providing basic personal information, acknowledging they’ve been mining illegally and agreeing to comply with all of the requirements to mine legally. Subsequent stages include obtaining mining rights and authorization to use surface areas and bodies of water – a requirement known as the Corrective Environmental Management Instrument – before legally starting or resuming operations. From February to December 2012, which was the deadline for meeting the initial requirement, a total of 77,723 “statements of commitment” were received, according to the Ministry of the Environment. “If we take into account that there are 100,000 (illegal) operators, there are approximately 30,000 that we need to turn down because they have not shown a willingness to present a statement of commitment,” Pulgar-Vidal said. José de Echave, an expert in mining issues and former deputy minister of Environmental Management, said illegal mining in Peru is “the other side of the boom” in formal mining that has taken place in recent decades in Peru. The country is the world’s third-largest producer of copper and eighth-largest producer of gold, with five million ounces exported in 2012, according to Macroconsult. With 4% of the world’s gold reserves, Peru could climb as high as fifth in production if the country eliminates illegal mining, Peruvian Minister of Energy and Mines Jorge Merino said during a symposium held in Lima in May 2012. Mining accounts for 14.5% of Peru’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 59% of Peruvian exports, according to figures from Macroconsult. In 1994, mining accounted for only 4.7% of the GDP. “Formalizing an activity that has grown explosively, while also trying to prevent its continued growth, is a fundamental first step,” Echave said. “We need a multisector intervention to ensure that illegal miners gradually enter the formal economy and carry out their activities in accordance with Peruvian law. But without question, we also need eradication [of illegal mining centers].”last_img read more

Don’t kill business banking relationships with digital

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Online business lenders often turn around a loan request fast, and offer business owners the ability to apply at any time on any device. Important considerations, to be sure, but not the only ones. What they generally don’t offer is a face or a place — areas where traditional lenders have an edge.New research suggests large and regional financial institutions are losing their edge on the human side of the equation. Businesses these days still crave the value of working with a live banker in a branch who really understands what they do and what they need. Banking brands that want to build strong relationships with businesses will need a blend of digital, data and good old fashioned human-powered gut instinct.The findings from a J.D. Power study of small business leaders reveals their feelings about the level of service provided by larger banking providers. The research uncovered some disturbing numbers. According to the firm’s latest U.S. Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study: continue reading »last_img read more

Fuller Peiser loses deals as top agent jumps ship

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Arrest of KAMI activists criticized as attempt to suppress freedom of expression

first_imgKAMI’s Medan affiliates were transferred to Jakarta to be investigated by the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim), he added.In a statement made available to The Jakarta Post on Wednesday, KAMI condemned the arrest of its affiliates and said they perceived it as “repressive action” that was “politically motivated”.KAMI also criticized the police’s statement as prejudiced.“KAMI considers the announcement made by National Police spokesman Awi Setiyono on the arrests as having elements of framing [public] opinion, tendentious overgeneralizing and of prematurely revealing conclusions in an ongoing investigation,” KAMI said in the statement, which was signed by its co-founders Din Syamsudin, Gatot Nurmantyo and Rochmat Wahab.They also claimed there were strong indicators that the mobile phones of the KAMI executives had been hacked in recent days.Other activists have been quick to condemn the arrests, saying that they reflect the authorities’ efforts to stifle criticism of the government relating to the controversial passage of the omnibus bill on job creation into law.“These arrests were made to spread fear in those who criticize the passage of the Job Creation Law,” said Usman Hamid, executive director of Amnesty International Indonesia, in a statement.“Additionally, these arrests have shown that freedom of expression in the country is under threat and that it can be seen as an effort to intimidate the opposition and those who criticize the ruling regime.”Usman also expressed concern that the arrests had been made under the allegation of violating the ITE Law. He also called on the state to stop discriminating against its critics and that it fully respects the human rights of all people.The KAMI arrests are just the latest in a wave of similar incidents to occur in Indonesia over the past year.In April, independent researcher Ravio Parta was briefly detained by the police following an allegation of public incitement through his WhatsApp account, which was believed to be hacked. Ravio had turned heads for his vocal criticism of the government, including in its poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.Read also: Government critic faces incitement charges after WhatsApp hackedMass media critical of the government have also found themselves in the crosshairs of unknown, part of the Tempo Media Group that also publishes the Koran Tempo daily and the Tempo weekly magazine, as well as popular news portal, have both been inundated by cyberattacks after publishing reports critical of the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.According to Amnesty International Indonesia’s records, there have been at least 49 cases of alleged intimidation and hacking of government critics since February.Others still have noted the underhanded tactics that the government and the legislature have employed to dampen criticism of the Job Creation Law, which was widely criticized for being rushed without giving fair and adequate space for the public to supervise or take part in crucial discussions.Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) deputy director Wahyudi Djafar also said he believed the KAMI arrests were carried out in an attempt to silence government critics.“These arrests, in the context of freedom of expression, were carried out as if [authorities] wanted to create a chilling effect to [dissuade] the public from expressing their political [standpoint] for fear of incarceration,” he said.“One of the biggest forms of threat to the ‘control’ function of [supervising] state transparency and accountability is this shackling of freedom of expression. These kinds of practices should best be avoided by the government.”Topics : Read also: Police arrest eight KAMI activists for alleged hate speech linked to jobs law protests“[They] are alleged to have spread hate speech discriminating against certain groups and incited protests against the Job Creation Law that ended [in rioting],” said National Police spokesperson Brig Gen. Awi Setiyono on Tuesday.As evidence, the police have confiscated records of their conversations over social media.Awi said the eight detainees faced charges of violating the second paragraph of Article 45 of the Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law and/or Article 160 of the Criminal Code (KUHP). The ITE Law provision carries a maximum punishment of six years’ imprisonment and a Rp 1 billion (US$67,950) fine, while the KUHP provision carries up to six years’ imprisonment. The recent arrest of eight people affiliated with the Save Indonesia Coalition (KAMI) over allegations of spreading hate speech and violating a sweeping online censorship law has raised concerns about the erosion of freedom of expression in the country, rights activists have said.The figures were nabbed in a string of police operations in the capital Jakarta and in Medan, North Sumatra between Oct. 10 and 13.The police detained KAMI executives Syahganda Nainggolan, Jumhur Hidayat, Anton Permana and Kingkin Anida in Jakarta, while in Medan, law enforcers arrested the group’s local chapter chairman Khairil Amri, along with members Juliana, Devi and Wahyu Rasari Putri.last_img read more

Olympiakos targeted Bukayo Saka to knock Arsenal out of Europa League

first_img Read More Read More Video Settings Coral BarryTuesday 10 Mar 2020 11:40 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link451Shares / PLAY Olympiakos targeted Bukayo Saka to knock Arsenal out of Europa League Olympiakos decided to man mark Saka (Picture: Getty)‘We’ve scored a lot from set pieces,’ he continued. ‘We work on it a lot. ‘In these situations, we have players with big quality like (Mathieu) Valbuena and Giorgos (Masouras). They deliver the ball well and then after, we have (Pape Abou) Cisse, (Osseynou) Ba, (Ruben) Semedo or Youssef (El-Arabi) — they are strong in the area.’Martins did not want to go into too much detail about Arsenal’s flaws, saying: ‘I have respect for Arsenal.’Following the disappointment against Olympiakos, Arsenal can only qualify for the Champions League through the Premier League.Three league wins in a row have given fresh hope to Arsenal’s chances of finishing in a Champions League spot and only five points separate them and fifth-place Manchester United. MORE: Manchester United’s Europa League clash vs LASK to be played behind closed doorsMORE: Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is having to teach Nicolas Pepe the absolute basics of how to be a wingerFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page. Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling About Connatix V67539 Full Screen Advertisement Read More 1/1 Read More ‘Saka is amazing,’ Martins told the Athletic. ‘He’s one of Arsenal’s most dangerous players. AdvertisementAdvertisement‘We worked hard to counter the width on that side.’Olympiakos winger Lazar Randjelovic was tasked with tracking Saka.center_img Comment by Metro Skip SPONSORED Advertisement Saka played both legs against Olympiakos (Picture: Getty)Olympiakos coach Pedro Martins has revealed his side paid particular attention to Bukayo Saka during their victory over Arsenal in the Europa League.Arsenal were dumped out of the competition thanks to last-gasp winner from Youssef El Arabi in extra-time of the last-32 tie at the Emirates.Olympiakos showed incredible resilience in London after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang levelled the game in the 119th minute to put Arsenal in front in the tie.Saka, 18, played 120 minutes in the game and Martins explained why his side had to target the youngster during the match.ADVERTISEMENT Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Coming Next Skip Ad Martins explained: ‘He’s fast and it enabled us to better control that flank.’Saka started at left-back in both legs against Olympiakos and had assisted Arsenal’s winner in Greece in the away fixture.Martins also revealed that he focused on set-pieces as Arsenal had experienced issues defending dead-ball situations.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityArsenal had conceded twice against Everton from set-pieces in their previous game and Martins was keen to exploit that weakness.‘We watched many games,’ he said. ‘We almost saw the weakness. Most importantly, we saw what is standard in how the team operates… against that weakness, we tried to work our plan.’ Manchester United captain Harry Maguire 1 min. story Read More Top articleslast_img read more

Norwegian Air cancels order for 97 Boeing aircraft

first_imgThe Oslo-based company also said it had filed a legal claim seeking the return of payments made for the aircraft. It is also seeking compensation for losses it claims it incurred from the global grounding of the 737 Max planes as well as engine issues on the 787. Talks with Boeing have “not led to an agreement with a reasonable compensation,” the carrier said in the statement. (AP) Norwegian said in a statement it had terminated the purchase agreements of five 787 Dreamliners and 92 737 MAX aircraft. In this Dec. 11, 2019, file photo, a Boeing 737 Max being built for Norwegian Air International taxis for a test flight, at Renton Municipal Airport in Renton, Wash. AP COPENHAGEN – Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle said Tuesday it has cancelled its 97 outstanding orders for planes from U.S. manufacturer Boeing.last_img read more