FA Cup Q-Finals Begin Sunday

first_imgThe LFA Cellcom FA Cup Round 3 begins Sunday, February 23, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium with Watanga going against Monrovia Breweries at 3p.m.On Monday, February 24, LPRC-Oilers will clash with Barrack Young Controllers at 5p.m also at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

Bishop Hart Enthroned as Archbishop of IPWA

first_imgRt. Rev. Dr. Jonathan B.B.  Hart, Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Liberia, has been enthroned as Archbishop of the Internal Province of West Africa (in the Church of the Province of West Africa).The enthronement service was held yesterday at Trinity Cathedral on Broad Street, Monrovia.As Archbishop of the Internal Province of West Africa, the Most Rev. Jonathan Hart will have oversight responsibility for  six Dioceses—Liberia, Bo-Freetown, Gambia, Guinea and Cameroon.The occasion was graced by the presence of nearly 20 archbishops, bishops and other church and  leading personalities from the sub region, clergymen and women from the Episcopal churches in Liberia and other parts of West Africa.  Also present for the enthronement  the Vice President of Liberia, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai.Speaking at the enthronement service, the Most Rev. Dr. Justice O. Akrofi, eighth Primate & Metropolitan of the Church of the Province of West Africa (CPWA) and former bishop of Accra, said the Province had not been static.He said the Liberian Episcopal Diocese was originally part of the Episcopal Church of United States of America but under Diocesan Bishop George Daniel Browne, Liberia became an associate member of the CPWA and later on became a permanent member of the Province.According to Archbishop Akrofi, such was the integration that, not only did Bishop Browne become Archbishop of the Province but also when Liberia went through the dreadful experience of civil war, the rest of the Province shared in their pain.Rev. Akrofi noted that at the time Archbishop Browne had to go into hiding for the sake of safety, the administration of the Province suffered too.Membership of the Province, which according to him is not just a matter of card-holding membership but it is, more important a  fundamental integration into a body, the body of Christ in West Africa.“We are limbs of the one body. And so the joys of one member, a limb are the joys of the other members; and the pain of one is the pain of the other,” said Most Rev. Akrofi.Also the former Bishop of Accra, Most Rev. Akrofi reminded the congregation that Archbishop Hart is being called to be the heart of that body, the body of Christ in West Africa-minus Nigeria and Ghana.“Yes, it is a story of integration; a story of growth, a sign of a living body. When the Province of West Africa started in 1951, it consisted of some six dioceses, including Freetown, Barthust (now Banjul, The Gambia), Gold Coast (now Ghana), Lagos and the Missionary Diocese of Northern Nigeria.”Today, the Archbishop said,   the Internal Province of West Africa includes; Liberia Gambia, Conakry-Guinea, Bo-Freetown, and Cameroon.To this must be added for now the emerging Province of Ghana, which consists of Accra, Cape Coast, Ho, Koforidua, Kumasi, Sekondi, Sunyari, Tamale, Wiawso and Surkina-on-offin.“This installation or enthronement service should remind us that Episcopalians in Liberia are an integral part of the bigger part and to challenge you to revisit the question of how vital, vibrant and viable a part of that entire body you are and should be.”However, the Most Rev. Akrofi said even if the imagery of royal priesthood is in our store of images, “let me suggest that because one of the primary images of church is God’s household, it is perhaps more primary and appropriate to think of the church’s leadership as father-in God.“And so today, Archbishop Hart is symbolically taking his place as father of fathers in God’s household. He is called to be in the image our father in heaven,” the Ghanaian prelate said.Bishop Hart was elected as Archbishop of the IPWA as the result of the death of the Most Rev. Dr. Solomon Tilewa Ethelbert Willie Johnson, who died in office on the 21st of January, 2014.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Govt approves appointment of 7 new diplomats

first_imgCabinet has approved the appointment of seven senior diplomats in an effort to strengthen relationships with those nations.Cabinet has approved the appointment of Sandra Lang Linkensederova as Non-Resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Designate of the Czech Republic to Guyana. She will replace Jiri Havlik, whose term of service has ended. Diplomatic relations between Guyana and the Czech Republic were established on January 1, 1993.Collaboration between the two countries often occurs at the multilateral level through international bodies such as the United Nations and the European Union. In an effort to enhance relations between the two countries, Guyana and the Czech Republic signed cooperation agreements on culture, science and trade. Linkensederova will be based in Brazil.Nicolai Prytz, Non-Resident Ambassador Designate of the Kingdom of Denmark will replace Kim Højlund Christensen, whose term of service has concluded. Prytz will also reside in Brazil.Diplomatic relations between Guyana and Denmark were established on November 16, 1979. Guyana has benefited from bilateral assistance in the areas of agriculture, civil aviation and education.Additionally, Abena Poku Adompim Busia will serve as High Commissioner Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Designate of the Republic of Ghana to Guyana.Currently, Busia is chair of the Women and Gender Studies Department and an associate professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey. She is also Board Chair of the African Women’s Development Fund-USA. Guyana and Ghana formally established diplomatic relations on May 14, 1979.Cabinet also approved the appointment of Her Excellency Hayriye Nurdan Erpulat Altuntas as Non-Resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Designate of the Republic of Turkey. Diplomatic relations between Guyana and Turkey were established on May 2, 1973. Ambassador Designate Erpulat Altuntas will reside in Caracas, Venezuela.Stefan Mera, Non-resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Designate of Romania will succeed Marinel Ioana. He joined the Romanian Foreign Service in 1992 after serving as a translator and Literature teacher. He will be based in Brazil.Stanislav Vidovi?’s appointment as Non-resident Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Designate of the Republic of Slovenia was approved. Vidovi? will reside in Washington, DC, USA.Cabinet also approved the appointment of Alfreda Chielkwa Kansembe Mwamba as High Commissioner Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Designate of the Republic of Zambia. In 2017, Mwamba was appointed Ambassador to Brazil. She previously held a number of positions in the Zambian Government, such as Deputy Minister of Labour and Deputy Minister within the Home Affairs Ministry, among others.last_img read more


first_imgThere will be a fundraising Golf Classic on the Ballybofey/Stranorlar Golf Course on Thursday 18th August.All proceeds in aid of the CLG Dhún na nGall Players Training Fund.This Golf Classic is sponsored by Azzurri. Teams of four. Entry fee, meal included, is €150.00. To enter a team contact Charlie Cannon @ 087 6949125 or PJ McGowan @ 086 2222750I would urge clubs to submit at least one team.A second fundraising Golf Classic shall be held on Edmondstown Golf Course, Rathfarnham, Dublin on Friday 26th August. More information from County Chairman, PJ McGowan @ 086 2222750.Is mise, le meas,Aodh Máirtín Ó Fearraigh Rúnaí CLG Dhún na nGallGOLF CLASSICS TO RAISE CASH FOR DONEGAL TEAM TRAINING FUND was last modified: August 8th, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:GOLF CLASSICS TO RAISE CASH FOR DONEGAL TEAM TRAINING FUNDlast_img read more


first_imgCan’t Pay Won’t Pay have challenged Charlie McConalogue TD to declare water charges a ‘red line’ issue for Fianna Fail entering government after the next election. Spokesperson Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig told Donegal Daily, “We have learned this week that fewer than half the 83,000 residential properties in Donegal have been registered with Irish Water, despite the massive media campaigns and threats of legislation to deduct charges from wages and benefits.“It is proof that the people of the county are boycotting the charges in huge numbers. We are making clear our total opposition to the charges and that we will accept nothing less than complete abolition.” “The people are making clear their position and it is time for politicians to do the same, particularly Fianna Fail.“They have criticised certain aspects of the charges and called for the scrapping of Irish Water, but at no stage have they said they are opposed in principle to water charges. That is political double-speak and it is not acceptable.“It was of course Fianna Fail which infamously agreed to introduce water charges and to set up a national water utility in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Troika in 2010.“They bear a joint responsibility with the current government for these charges.” “We are calling on Charlie McConalogue to clarify where exactly he and his party now stand on water charges. Are they prepared to make abolition of water charges a ‘red line’ issue for entering government?“If they are genuine in their opposition, then they will have no difficulty in declaring that they will not enter a government which supports a continuation of the charges.“Otherwise they are only paying lip-service to the massive public opposition.”“Can’t Pay Won’t Pay will continue to call for non-payment as the only way to ensure that water charges remain as a central issue right up to the general election and beyond.“The Boycott will ensure that whoever forms the next government, they will have no alternative but to get rid of these charges.” CAN’T PAY WON’T PAY CHALLENGE McCONALOGUE TO MAKE WATER CHARGES ‘RED LINE’ ISSUE was last modified: May 22nd, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Can’t Pay Won’t PayCharlie McConologuefianna failMichael Cholm Mac Giolla EasbuignewsPoliticslast_img read more

Livestock diseases a global threat worth monitoring

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Don “Doc” SandersThis month’s column is more serious than most. If you’re looking for entertainment and my usual wild stories, you may want to skip this one. But this column is a must-read, if you raise livestock and/or care about the American food supply (and if you’re like me, you like to eat). Livestock disease outbreaks are occurring every day somewhere in the world. These diseases, if not contained, could threaten our food supply and lifestyle in a way that most Americans are too naïve to fathom.It will pay you to be aware of this situation, so you can be prepared. For starters, here are a few facts that escape most Americans.Many diseases are zoonotic. This means they can spread from animals to humans, or vice versa.An example is avian influenza, which can pass from birds to humans. Remember the avian flu outbreak a couple years ago? More than five million turkeys and chickens had to be euthanized when the flu virus swept through flocks throughout the U.S.Other animal diseases do not spread to humans. But they can cause huge economic losses to farmers and the entire food supply chain, from transportation to processing, to institutional food programs, to retail grocery stores and restaurants.You may remember when in 2013 PED (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea) killed more than seven million baby pigs in the U.S. — not counting millions more in other countries such as China. Now you know why the price of bacon rose.It was discovered that virus-carrying swine feed ingredients from China caused this PED outbreak. Feed has been suspected of carrying diseases around the world for years, but this was a first when it was proven.You may think I’m raising alarm over old news. But several potential disease outbreaks are on the horizon, deeply concerning U.S. health authorities. These include African Swine Fever (ASF), Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and a new Avian Influenza outbreak. Several diseases could directly threaten Americans, while some have popped up in countries where American companies do business.African Swine Fever is a disease that’s new to American interests. It has cropped up in China with over 16 outbreaks reported recently. Apparently, it was transported from Russia across the border to a pig farm in northern Heilongjiang province. Nobody can explain how it happened — at least no one who will admit to knowing anything about it.The Chinese pig farmer recognized he had sick hogs, so he loaded them on a truck and transported them to the closest packing plant, 1,100 miles south. Talk about a recipe for spreading the disease! When he arrived at the packing plant most of the pigs were dead. No one has said if the pigs were disposed of or processed. It’s anyone’s guess.Since that time, 15 more ASF outbreaks have occurred in China. These outbreaks seemed unrelated, as they popped up in many locations. American veterinary scientists have volunteered to assist the Chinese government with control of the epidemic. I was involved with making contacts, but Chinese authorities declined our assistance and have remained tight-lipped since the earliest reports of the disease outbreak.Even though American officials are concerned about ASF, they have deeper worries. They are on edge about FMD — not if FMD will occur in the U.S. but when it will occur!Foot and Mouth Disease (not to be confused with Foot in Mouth Disease, with which I’m afflicted) was eradicated from the U.S. in 1929. Now FMD is persistent in several South American countries, Europe and many Third World countries that don’t have the resources to establish disease containment or eradication plans. Such plans inconvenience American tourists, but such measures can prevent disease from crossing borders.The threat of FMD will affect more than farmers. Every American citizen will feel the inconvenience of efforts to control the disease. Humans aren’t susceptible to either of these diseases but can carry either of them on their clothes or in illicit food products purchased in a country with these viruses.Ten-mile zones around disease outbreaks will be quarantined. Police, sheriff’s deputies and National Guard will be mobilized to ensure the integrity of the quarantine zones.Dairy farms will be especially encumbered by the restrictions, because milk must be picked up every day. Milk trucks will have to be disinfected upon entering the zone to pick up a dairy farm’s milk and disinfected once again when leaving the farm with the milk.What makes this especially difficult for dairy farms is that they will need to plan for a “clean” zone equipped with disinfection equipment for milk pickup. The other option is to construct a neutral zone where trucks can load without entering the dairy farm.Most dairy farms today are struggling to survive. Because of the depth of their economic woes, very few dairymen have developed a plan in the event of a quarantine. Without a plan, they could have to wait days, or perhaps weeks, before they could market their milk. Since dairies harvest milk every day, a dairyman will be put in the situation of having to dump his cows’ milk until he has developed a USDA-approved written plan and acquired disinfecting equipment.Because of their economic circumstances, some dairymen will not be inclined to make the extra effort that a quarantine will require. They will be more inclined to sell their herds. I understand their emotions, as being a dairyman is extremely difficult these days.Selling their herds won’t be easy either, because it could take weeks for the dairymen to get a permit to move the cows off the farm. Without a USDA-approved quarantine plan, these dairymen will be in limbo.My advice to all livestock owners is to discuss and plan a course of action with a veterinarian who is familiar with requirements, so they can continue operating in the wake of a catastrophic disease such as FMD. But most veterinarians aren’t yet up to speed on the requirements.The 2013 PED outbreak in baby pigs is just a mini version of what could happen in a major disease outbreak. PED killed baby pigs only. Even then, swine operations had pickup truck loads of carcasses to dispose of.Contingency plans are needed for disposal of animal carcasses in the event of widespread animal deaths or mass euthanasia. Suffice it to say, officials with Homeland Security and the USDA have been researching plans for wholesale disposal of livestock by burial, composting, cremation and alkali digestors.Which brings to mind the Louisiana official I met at a meeting in Amarillo on animal carcass disposal methods during an epidemic disease outbreak (yes, I live a glamorous life). He told me that in the Pelican state they have their own 100% efficient disposal method. With a slow drawl he explained, “We drag the carcasses down to the river bank and let the alligators clean them up. We just need a knife to let the air out of them before the alligators will touch them.”last_img read more

The Hustler’s Playbook: How Hustlers Grow

first_imgThe first version of the Hustler, let’s call it V1, is crude and unsophisticated. The hustler lacks the knowledge, the experience, and the money they need. But all of what is missing is more than offset by their belief in their ability to create value and their willingness to take action.The V1 Hustler is a crude instrument. They’re a meat cleaver, not a scalpel. They’re all hustle, all the time. Like the proverbial bull in the china shop, they make a lot of messes. But they also produce results.Some hustlers get stuck and never evolve to a higher level. They don’t refine what they are doing.Another LevelHustlers that evolve to V2, the second version of themselves, have gained knowledge and experience. They’ve refined their approach, investing in themselves, and deepening their understanding. They’ve developed a subject matter expertise that allows them to deliver greater value. They’ve got processes and systems.Version 2 isn’t any less of a Hustler, but they’re much more deliberate in their focus. The V2 Hustler spends more time on the few things that matter most, and they eliminate much of the time they spend on non-value-creating activities.The Hustler at V2 is making more money than they’ve ever made, and likely more than they ever believed possible. From V2, the Hustler can see V3.And Another LevelIt takes time for the Hustler to transcend the earlier version of themselves. It also takes an awareness, introspection, and most of all, it takes a bigger vision.At V3, they have the knowledge, the experience, and the money they need to create something bigger than they imagined. This version of the Hustler has the ability and the willingness to scale the value that they create. They serve more people, and they make a bigger impact.As their vision has grown, so has their ability to help others hustle and generate results—and income.The third version of the hustler is a hustler of a different order. They’re no longer the crude, blunt instrument of the hustle of their earlier versions. Instead, they’re smart, refined, precision instruments of hustle. The V3 hustler is focused, with no wasted energy, no wasted effort. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Seven killed in U.P. road accident

first_imgSix students and a teacher were crushed to death while two others were injured after being hit by a speeding bus on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway on Monday morning, the police said. According to a police spokesperson, the accident happened in Tirwa area of the district at around 4 a.m. “The students were filling diesel from one bus to another when they were run over by a bus which was passing by. As of now seven persons, including a teacher and students, have died, while two others are injured,” the police spokesperson said. The students were from Sant Kabirnagar district and were going to Haridwar. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has expressed sorrow over the loss of life. A U.P. government spokesperson said that Mr. Adityanath has condoled the death of six Basic Training Certificate students and a teacher of Prabha Devi Vidyalaya, Sant Kabirnagar, in a road accident in Kannauj. THe Chief Minister has announced a financial assistance of ₹2 lakh for the kin of each of the deceased and ₹50,000 for each of the injured persons. He has also directed the officials to get an FIR registered in the matter and asked them to provide proper medical treatment to the injured persons.last_img read more

Indian American Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI About Jordan Trip to Join ISIS

first_imgAn Indian American man from Virginia pleaded guilty on Feb. 8 to two counts of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about taking a trip to Jordan in an attempt to join the Islamic State group.Shivam Patel had expressed his admiration for a U.S. Army officer, Maj. Nidal Hasan, who shot and killed 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, according to court documents quoted by the Virginia-Pilot newspaper. The 28-year-old Indian American man also tried to join the U.S. Army and Air Force, and lied to recruiters about the purpose of the Jordan trip. He reportedly said he wanted to join a “real Muslim Army.”Patel now faces up to 15 years in prison. The sentencing will take place on June 4. Patel was raised as a Hindu but converted to Islam in 2016 when he traveled to China to teach English, and became unhappy with the way Muslims were treated in China. On Aug. 23, 2016, his then employer arranged for his travel back to the United States but Patel instead went to Jordan.Officials in Jordan arrested him and deported him. On Sept. 2, 2016, he flew to Chicago and then to Detroit, according to the court documents.In Detroit, he met an FBI source and spoke to him about the Islamic State group. He told the informant that he went to Jordan to find like-minded Muslims, and to do something “bigger, better, and more purposeful” such as dying for the cause of Allah. He also said that he wanted to see a holy war between Muslims and non-Muslims. He sang ISIS group’s fight song and said that he had made a replica of the terrorist organization’s flag, which he wanted to replace his neighbor’s U.S. flag with.He returned to Williamsburg on Sept. 6, 2016 and started applying for military and paramilitary jobs. In late 2016, he said that he did not support the Islamic State group.Patel is said to have lied to the U.S. defense forces while applying for jobs by saying that the only international travels he had undertaken were to India in 2011 and 2012. Related ItemsIndian AmericanTerrorismUnited Stateslast_img read more

BCCI suspects Lalit Modi behind Lankan T20, may not allow Indians to play

first_imgThe former chief of Indian Premier League (IPL), Lalit Modi, continues to haunt the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) top brass. According to sources, BCCI suspects that the suspended IPL chairman has been behind the Sri Lanka’s yet to start Twenty-20 cricket league. Video The BCCI was therefore unlikely to let Indian cricketers play in the upcoming Sri Lankan T20 League. Board’s sources revealed that the BCCI had earlier given a green signal to the players for participation in the Lankan league, but with the involvement of a private party, which BCCI speculates was guided by Modi, changed it all. BCCI suspects that the Singapore-based company, Somerset Entertainment Ventures private Limited, which has the contract to conduct the tournament, has links with the former IPL chairman. BCCI’s move could also trigger retaliation by the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), as it might stop its players from playing in the IPL. However, sources said, the BCCI was willing to take the risk as the matter was concerned to Modi.last_img read more