Saint Mary’s students discuss diversity of religion at the College

first_imgSaint Mary’s held a Belles of Different Faiths panel Thursday, during which five students discussed their faiths, practices and some of the misconceptions behind their religions. Sophomore Iman Omar, senior Colleen Zewe, senior Taylor Thomas, sophomore Emily Barr and sophomore Abbee LaPlace were on the panel. Editor’s note: Omar and Zewe are News Writers for The Observer. Ann Curtis | The Observer A panel of five Saint Mary’s students from different religions reflected on their experiences at the College on Thursday.Thomas, who formerly practiced Judaism, said Judaism is about being a decent person.“Judaism really pushes the fact that you should be a decent person — not because you have to but because you want to, that you want to help the person next to you,” she said. “In my household, we don’t believe in blind love. You want to push the person you love to strive to be more, just as you do for yourself, as well.”LaPlace said the Torah encourages others to live kindly and fairly. “A rabbi had commented on a Torah portion and he said, ‘When we treat others kindly, fairly and lovingly we are trying living Torah,’ meaning that we are truly living in the way that HaShem wants us to live,” she said. LaPlace said her favorite tradition as someone who practices conservative Judaism is mitzvah.“Mitzvah are good deeds … so being kind to one another, making someone smile,” she said. “I think the biggest Mitzvah I do is teach Hebrew to second graders, and I teach Torah study to my fifth and sixth graders.”LaPlace said her biggest struggle has been overcoming anti-semitism.  “There’s always been the jokes, there’s always been the taglines, and it took me a very long time to realize that the people who say those things aren’t completely bad, they aren’t cold-hearted people, they are just very ignorant,” she said. “They don’t take the time to learn about other people, they just assume.”Barr, from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, said people have many misconceptions about love in her religious community.“Most people have heard that in the past, we have [practiced] polygamy,” she said. “It hasn’t been practiced for over 100 years now.”Barr said she has struggled with attending a school where she is the only one who practices her religion.“I don’t want to say it’s been lonely because that sounds negative, but it kind of has been,” she said. “Arizona and Utah have been settled by Mormons so there’s Mormons everywhere. There are churches on every corner. Then I came here, and there’s one church within 50 miles.”Thomas said she feels some of the professors who teach religion at Saint Mary’s do not always take every religion seriously. “I never had any issues with the ministry on campus. I feel like my biggest issue has come from the classes themselves,” she said. “I am not a fan of a lot of the religion professors here. Not all of them — there have been some really great ones — but some of the professors have rubbed me the wrong way. I know a lot of them are Catholic, so when they speak about Catholicism there is all this love and passion, and then the minute they switch to discussing other religions … you can tell by their tone of voice they don’t take other religions seriously.”In some of her classes that discuss religious myths and legends, Barr said, she feels she cannot fully participate and share the myths and religions particular to her faith. “One thing that’s been interesting is I’m taking a class called ‘Myth, Legend and History,’ and we talk a lot about the saints and the Virgin Mary” she said. “And I’ve enjoyed the class, but I feel like I can’t contribute to the class because with my perspective, I’d have to explain for awhile before my point makes any sense.”LaPlace said she has encountered some students who have singled her out for her religion. “Coming in as a freshman, I was told to find a new friend and introduce yourself,” she said. “So the first time I walked into the dining hall, I walked up to this girl and said, ‘Hey, can I sit with you?’ And she looked at me, looked at my necklace — the Star of David — and said, ‘Are you Jewish?’ And when I said yes [she] told me I could not sit with her. … That was my first taste of my community here as a Belle, and that just kind of threw me off for a really long time.”LaPlace said she wishes the College would try harder to involve all faiths and religions within the community. “Something I really struggle with is that there are a lot of talks here at Saint Mary’s,” she said. “Last year in particular I noticed that there are a lot of ones about the New Testament and the Quran, which is great, but how hard is it to call a rabbi and ask if they can add the Torah into this talk? It’s small things like that that bother me.”Thomas said she has had to defend her religion in recent years due to the rising tensions between Palestine and Israel. “I’ve had people come up to me and yell at me, saying, ‘You’re Jewish, how dare you? Israel is destroying lives,’” she said. “I’m not going to give you my opinions about Israel, but it’s really hard because a lot of people will tell me my people are murderers. We all just have to look at the individual and stop assuming stereotypes about everyone.”LaPlace said she often feels like she has to defend her pro-Israel stance. “I am pro-Israel,” she said. “But not pro-Israel in the fact that, yes it is a Jewish state and yes, it’s somewhere I belong as a Jewish person, but everyone else belongs there, too. Pro-Israel is not just about it staying a Jewish state. It’s the kindness of everyone.” Barr said religion should not condemn, but encourage love and virtue. “Hate the sin, not the sinner,” she said. 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Water grass wisely

first_imgThe recent excessive heat and dry conditions are evident when you look at the plant life in our area. There have been isolated showers across the state, but many areas have not received the much needed rain. Unless you have been watering it, the grass in your lawn is probably wilted and browning. But if you’ve been watering improperly, you may still find yourself with a less-than-healthy lawn.Raise your mower heightThe way you manage your lawn will influence the amount of water required to keep it healthy. Increased nitrogen fertilization and thatch build up increase the amount and frequency of irrigation needed. During dry periods, raise the mowing height and mow with a frequency in which no more than a third of the leaf tissue is removed. Raising the mowing height will allow the grass to maintain a deeper root system, thereby helping the grass to find more water.Thatch is plant material between the soil surface and leaves of the turf. A thick thatch layer will increase run-off and encourage a shallow root system. You may need to dethatch your lawn if the thatch layer is thicker than half an inch. Aeration will also help slow down thatch development, increase water infiltration and reduce run-off.Know when to waterIrrigate your lawn efficiently and effectively to get the most benefit from the water you’re using. Irrigate when you see the signs of moisture stress — a dull and blue-green color, folded leaf blades, wilted blades or when your family’s footprints remain visible in the grass.Water also needs to be applied at the correct time to achieve the best results. Try to wait to water turf until just before wilt occurs. The ideal time to water your lawn is before sunrise, but this is not easily accomplished unless you have an automatic sprinkler system or you are an early riser. If you can’t wake before sunrise, water your lawn between midnight and 10 a.m. Water loss at night from irrigation is 50 percent less than from midday irrigation. Irrigating after dew develops will not increase disease problems because wet grass is wet grass — no matter how much water is applied. In contrast, if you water before dew forms or after the dew has dried from the morning sun, this will extend the period of time when your lawn is wet and may enhance disease development. Apply the right amountHomeowners often ask University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agents how much water to apply to their lawn. Frequent, light irrigations produce shallow root systems, so soak the soil to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. This will require about a half to an inch of water. Applying water to this depth will help prevent the roots from staying near the soil surface and will force them to grow deeper as the soil surface begins to dry out. Not sure how much water your lawn is getting from the sprinkler? Search for irrigation scheduling or contact your local Extension office to guide you. Hopefully, the much needed rain will arrive soon and give lawns across Georgia relief from the hot and dry conditions. Until then, follow the tips from UGA Extension and water your lawn wisely.last_img read more

NGO donations imperative for New Horizons completion

first_img “We welcome working with NGOs – non-governmental organizations,” said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ricardo Gonzalez, Senior Defense Official and Defense Attaché at the U.S. Military Liaison Office in Belize. “It’s for the common good.” Combined with the efforts of SOUTHCOM’s Public Private Cooperation Division (J9) and the Department of Defense Humanitarian Assistance Program (J7), the MMDC and LDSC have helped make it possible for the school buildings and medical facility to open their doors. “The New Horizons exercise builds the building, but the building is just a building without the people and the supplies that form the classroom,” said Gonzalez. “In order for the teachers to teach their students, they need desks, they need chairs, they need the blackboards. “They need those materials to make it possible for the students to be comfortable, pay attention, be able to write and read. Those are the critical things that, along with the building, make teaching possible,” he added. The MMDC donated nearly 22,000 pounds of tables, desks, chairs and bags; and the LDSC donated almost 12,000 pounds of school kits and emergency medical supplies. For their part, Belizean bottling company Bowen & Bowen Ltd., donated much-needed water for patients and providers at the medical readiness training exercises. “Bowen & Bowen Ltd. is pleased to partner with our friends from U.S. and Belize in their kind efforts to provide medical attention to the residents of several remote villages throughout Belize,” said David Craig, Bowen & Bowen Ltd. commercial marketing manager. The efforts of these NGOs are instrumental in assisting the schools with providing a valuable education to students of all ages, as the New Horizons construction sites encompass schools that cater to students from pre-school to high school. Their efforts will also aid with supplying quality medical care at the medical facility being constructed by New Horizons in Belmopan. A hospital in the northern Corozal district, as well as the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City received supplies donated by the organizations. “We want a country that can look forward to the future and keep rising up,” Gonzalez said. “All these parts helping out, working together is critical.” In total, more than 70,200 pounds worth approximately $135,500 was donated to the New Horizons Belize 2014 beneficiaries to fill the classrooms, administrative offices and patient care rooms. This year, New Horizons took place from April through June in the Corozal region of Belize to offer Belizean, Canadian and U.S. professionals a valuable training opportunity in civil engineering and medical care. Belizean and military medical providers are using the MEDRETES as an opportunity to learn from one another as they provide medical care to residents out of schools in Chunox, Progresso and Libertad. SOUTHCOM’s Public Private Cooperation Division (J9) and Humanitarian Assistance Program (J7) were integral in coordinating to make it all happen. By Dialogo June 13, 2014center_img If not for donations from non-government organizations (NGO), four schools and one medical facility in Belize would be receiving empty new buildings. The Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) and the Latter Day Saints Charities (LDSC) donated school supplies, classroom furniture and medical kits to New Horizons Belize 2014, a U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) exercise focusing on improving the joint training readiness of U.S. military members, partner nation civil engineers, medical professionals and support personnel through humanitarian assistance activities. last_img read more

Poor management practices can lead to lawsuits

first_img continue reading » 13SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Ineffective or unskilled managers can cause you to lose your best talent, and present one of the biggest exposures to an employment practices liability lawsuit. In fact, one in eight U.S. companies faces the prospect of having an employment charge filed against them each year, according to the insurance provider Hiscox.Of the credit union claims filed with CUNA Mutual Group’s Management Professional Liability Policy, approximately 50% of all claim dollars relate to employment practices liability losses.These losses often involve discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation. Even with seasoned human resource (HR) professionals, up-to-date policies, and the latest workforce management technology, a poorly trained—or just plain bad—manager can negatively impact the credit union. The impact reflects both financial and reputational risk.Take these actions to avoid this loss trend:Train managers on existing policies and expectations of behavior. Be specific when discussing discrimination, harassment, and anti-retaliation policies. Be extremely clear about what you consider acceptable and unacceptable behavior.last_img read more

Spices suspected in 4-state Salmonella outbreak

first_imgMar 30, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – Public health officials in four states are investigating a Salmonella outbreak associated with spices made by a California company that has so far sickened 42 people, 33 of them in California.Mark Horton, director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), said in a Mar 28 press release that consumers should avoid eating spices produces by Union International Food Company, though only white and black pepper products have been linked to the illnesses.The company recalled its pepper and other spice products, which were primarily sold to distributors and restaurants in California and Oregon under the Lian How brand name. The products, which include the wording “Packed by Union International Foods” or “Union National Foods,” were packed in various-sized containers, from 2.2-lb foil bags to 15-lb cardboard boxes with plastic liners.Besides pepper, other seasonings subject to the recall include cayenne pepper, paprika, chopped onion, onion powder, garlic, curry powder, mustard powder, and wasabi powder.William Keene, senior epidemiologist in the Public Health Division of the Oregon Department of Human Services, told CIDRAP News that the outbreak strain is Salmonella enterica serotype Rissen, which has so far sickened four Oregon residents. He said the strain is also linked to cases in Washington and Nevada.California officials said no deaths have been attributed to the outbreak and the latest known illness onset is Mar 13. Cases were reported from 15 counties in the central and northern part of the state.Salmonellosis is marked by diarrhea, fever, and cramps that start between 12 and 72 hours after infection, with symptoms that last from 4 to 7 days, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Most people recover without treatment, but severe cases can occur in infants, the elderly, and people with weakened immunity.last_img read more

Conference Held Can Croatian Tourism 365?

first_imgThe first conference on year-round tourism was held in the packed hall of the Sheraton Hotel. Can Croatian Tourism 365 ?. Along with numerous foreign and domestic experts, the topic of year-round tourism in Croatia and all the challenges that tourism faces, especially after the increase in the number of arrivals and guests. Croatian tourism must be better!High seasonality of tourism and reaching infrastructural and other maximums in the summer months and low tourist representation in the continental part of Croatia is a realistic picture of Croatian tourism, which worries us. The main topics of the conference discussed were, above all, how to extend the season and how to start continental Croatia.The conference was opened by Robert Pende, Deputy Minister of Tourism, who said that Croatia has a relatively good infrastructure, but that the capacities are not used well enough. It is necessary to show inventiveness and prudence. Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economy of Slovenia, pointed out several important facts that have led Slovenia to the recognizability of the destination and gave recommendations for the development of tourism: “The challenge that many destinations face today is over-tourism. Low prices are part of the problem, and destinations are becoming more accessible. Tourism is the largest industry in expansion, but we do not act responsibly towards people or the environment. Clear support is needed at the state level, and without a shared vision it does not work. In tourism, it is important every day of the year! “.The conference was concluded by the conference organizer, Ms. Ivana Kolar, who pointed out: ” At the end of this conference, it became clear that we do not lack desire, but that initiative and activity are needed. Only if we work actively can change happen. The overall efficiency of our work must be higher. At the state level, it is necessary to create a strategy for year-round tourism and stronger promotion, and to include continental Croatia in the whole story of tourism. Incentives for new projects, education of the population, provision of favorable financial resources from EU funds, easing of obstacles and provision of necessary infrastructure would also be welcome.. “Croatia can develop tourism 365 using models from other successful countries such as Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. But all this is part of a long-term process that can be realized overnight, nor is it the task of the state alone. This is the task of all of us who are still insufficiently connected, we still divide Croatia into continental and sea, we divide it by counties and individual places. “The point of this conference is to connect and collaborate and think outside the local community. Croatia must be one destination. We have 2 tasks ahead of us – to extend the season where we are good and to develop an attractive year-round offer on the continent where possible. Let’s connect our goals, our activities, our products and experiences and finally – our common results.- pointed out Kolar.last_img read more

Law firm lettings counteract bank cuts at Canary Wharf

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S&P 500 plunges 7 percent, triggering market-wide stock trading halt

first_img“Even though people are concerned it could create more problems, it does allow people to step back and re-assess what they’re doing,” said Matt Maley, an equity strategist at Miller Tabak & Co. “The one thing is, it’s been a long time since any of these circuit breakers kicked in. Back then, it was positive. It allowed people to calm down a little bit.”The last time the futures trading limits hit was Nov. 8, 2016, following Donald Trump’s shock election victory. This time, a plunge in oil prices added to weeks of concern that the spreading coronavirus will derail the global economy. Crude oil fell as much as 34 percent to US$27.34 a barrel, the worst day since the Gulf War in 1991, after Saudi Arabia initiated an all-out price war.Volatility has reigned in markets around the world amid an outbreak that has infected more than 108,000 people. At least 10 billion shares have traded on US exchanges each day for two weeks, and the VIX has closed above 30 for seven days straight. Such turbulence is putting the vitality of the longest-ever bull market in jeopardy. The severe rout in US stocks triggered trading curbs that the New York Stock Exchange put in place after the 1987 Black Monday crash.A 15-minute trading halt took hold after the S&P 500 Index fell 7 percent to 2,764.21 as of 9:34 a.m. in New York, triggering the breaker for the first time since December 2008 at the depths of the financial crisis. Futures had plunged 4.89 percent overnight Sunday, triggering exchange rules that limit losses on those contracts and distorting price discovery for the cash market before the opening.When trading resumes, another 15-minute pause will happen if losses reach 13 percent, a drop that would put the S&P 500 at 2,585.96. If the decline hits 20 percent, or 2,377.9, markets will close for the day. Only the 20 percent rule applies in the final 35 minutes of cash trading. Traders have never seen a 13 percent or 20 percent breaker trip. Topics :last_img read more

New Zealand’s Ardern extends lockdown to stamp out coronavirus outbreak

first_imgNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern extended a lockdown in the country’s biggest city on Friday in response to the first national coronavirus outbreak in months, sticking with a “go early, go hard” approach she said has proven effective.Ardern said genomic testing has shown the latest outbreak is a different strain to the original outbreak in New Zealand earlier in the year, suggesting it was new to the country.The New Zealand leader said lockdown measures in Auckland, home to about 1.7 million people, and social distancing measures across the country that were imposed on Wednesday would remain in place for another 12 days. Her swift action followed the discovery on Tuesday of the country’s first COVID-19 infections in 102 days, in a family in Auckland. Since then, officials have identified a total of 29 cases, all linked to the same cluster.”As we have said from the start, our overall Covid-19 strategy remains elimination,” Ardern said in a televised media conference. “Together, we have got rid of Covid before. We have kept it out for 102 days, longer than any other country. We can do all of that again.”Ardern is under pressure ahead of a upcoming general election, with the main opposition National Party accusing the government of failing to secure quarantine facilities and withholding information.Ardern said contact tracing and genomic testing had found no links with the current outbreak to the country’s border entry points or managed quarantine facilities. She said genome sequencing disproved the theory from some health experts that the virus could have been quietly moving through community since the original outbreak. “This suggests this is not a case of the virus being dormant or of a burning ember in our community,” she said. “It appears to be new to New Zealand.”Health Minister Chris Hipkins said earlier that genome testing suggested the new virus outbreak had originated in Britain or Australia.Ardern cautioned that more cases were likely in the coming days but said she was confident officials would successfully identify the “perimeter” of the cluster – if not its source – allowing them to isolate cases and remove restrictions.The earliest case authorities have identified to date is a worker at an Auckland-based cool store owned US-based Americold Realty Trust, who became ill around July 31. Almost a dozen other infections have been directly linked to the facility.The current Level 3 restrictions in Auckland requiring people to mostly remain at home, and level 2 restrictions for the rest of the country, are not as severe as the five-week level 4 shutdown she imposed earlier in the year.”I would characterize our approach as a ‘short but precautionary hold’ in an ongoing investigation that will stamp out the virus,” she said of the current measures, which will last a total of 14 days, the known incubation period for the virus.Economy worriesThe opposition National Party has been pressuring Ardern to delay the Sept. 19 election, arguing their inability to campaign because of restrictions gave her government an unfair advantage. Ardern said on Friday she would make a decision in the next 48 hours.New Zealanders celebrated when Ardern appeared to eliminate community transmission of the coronavirus with the earlier hard lockdown that forced almost everyone to stay at home.There were concerns a repeat of that process would come with a huge economic cost and Ardern on Friday announced the extension of a wage subsidy scheme and mortgage deferral program to support businesses and protect jobs.”Lifting restrictions now and seeing a potential explosion in cases is the worst thing we could do for Auckland and the New Zealand economy,” she said.Prior to the extension announcement, Westpac Banking Corp estimated the current level of lockdown measures in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand would cost the economy about NZ$300 million, or 0.5% of gross domestic product.Reserve Bank of New Zealand Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand told Reuters a sustained resurgence of the virus posed “a major risk” to the bank’s outlook. Topics :last_img read more

$25,000 grant may not be enough to save Qld building industry

first_img A Coral Homes display at 16A Huon St, Broadbeach Waters.Steve Foley, chief executive officer of Coral Homes, Queensland’s largest new homes builder, welcomed the grant as a much-needed boost to business.“This will definitely make a difference to the building industry, our supply chain and all the local contractors we employ,” he said.Based on the Gold Coast, Coral Homes directly employs 240 staff and provides work to hundreds of local subcontractors across the state.Foot traffic to its display homes dropped 90 per cent during the peak of the COVID-19 period and sales plunged by up to 40 per cent.“We have already started to see an improvement in the numbers of people visiting our display homes and making inquiries since the COVID-19 restrictions have eased,” he said.“I am confident the grant will help fill the gap in our pipeline.” Master Builders Queensland chief executive Grant Galvin said the package would be key in ensuring residential construction did not fall off a cliff by September, but feared it might not supercharge the industry as much as hoped.“Inquiries and contracts were already starting to dry up so this package will be a shot in the arm,” he said.“But what we need is for the Queensland Government to expand the $15,000 First Home Owners Grant to everyone. We want anyone who is building to access a $40,000 grant. That kind of package will be a genuine incentive and ensure that if you weren’t in a position to build before, you will be now.” RELATED: What the HomeBuilder grant means for buyers More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa7 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag1 day agoGold Coast renovation experts Carlene and Michael Duffy welcomed news of the grant, which comes as their own Tallebudgera home renovation is about to be unveiled on Channel 9 Life’s Ready, Set, Reno series tomorrow.“You can do an entire bathroom for $25,000,” Mrs Duffy said. Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 2:07Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -2:07 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels540p540p360p360p270p270pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenCOVID-19: Current market update02:08CANBERRA’S $25,000 HomeBuilder grant has been met with mixed reaction from Queensland building industry leaders, with some fearing the scheme does not go far enough.While most have welcomed the $688 million plan to rescue tradies and related workers, others questioned if it would be enough to “super boost” the sector.Under the initiative, anyone who meets the criteria for building a new home or doing a substantial renovation can claim $25,000 to help cover costs.First homebuyers can access a combined $40,000 if they also take advantage of the State Government’s First Home Owners Grant.center_img Renovation experts Michael and Carlene Duffy at their soon-to-be-revealed Tallebudgera home. Picture: Mindi Cooke“For those doing a renovation worth $150,000 or more, the grant would allow you to up-spec materials you otherwise would have had to compromise on.“It’s also enough to encourage those people who might have been holding out to renovate down the track to move on it now.”The $25,000 grant is open to individuals earning up to $125,000, or a combined $200,000 for couples. New homes being built must be worth $750,000 or less, including land, to qualify while renovations must be worth between $150,000 and $750,000.Contracts must be signed by December 31, with work to begin within three months of the contract date, to be eligible.last_img read more