Central African Republic Council members urge quick deployment of international force

In a statement to the press following closed-door consultations, Ambassador Zhang Yishan of China, which currently holds the Council’s rotating presidency, stressed the need to “implement without delay” steps aimed at bringing stability to the CAR which were outlined by the region’s leaders at a summit meeting held in October.Council members “appealed for the prompt deployment to the Central African Republic of an effective and well-equipped International Observation Force (FIO), as decided at the summit and accepted by the authorities of the Central African Republic,” the President said, urging all countries to fully support States contributing troops to that effort.CAR and neighbouring Chad were encouraged “to continue their efforts to improve relations between them,” Ambassador Zhang added.Council members expressed their willingness to strengthen the UN Peace-building Support Office in the Central African Republic (BONUCA), particularly in such areas as human rights monitoring, restructuring of the Central African armed forces and the implementation of an effective arms-collection programme.”Members of the Security Council note that the fundamental problems in the Central African Republic remain grounded in economic deprivation,” the President said. “They urge the international community, development partners and relevant financial institutions to continue to work with the Government of the Central African Republic to alleviate these problems.” read more