Nominations now open for Donegal Sports Star Awards

first_imgSPORT: Nominations have opened today for the 41st Donegal Sports Star Awards. Chairperson Neil Martin is expecting a big entry again and has appealed to sporting organization to get nominating immediately. Mr Martin told Donegal Daily, “2016 has been another big year for Donegal sport locally, nationally and on the world stage.The county has enjoyed many great successes on the team and individual front so it’s very important that those achievements are recognized” Mr Martin said. The Chairperson confirmed that Donegal County Council will once again be the exclusive sponsor of the awards.“We’re delighted that the Council will be providing the financial backing which has been so important to us down the years.”“Chief Executive Seamus Neely has been very happy with the profile that the Donegal Sports Star Awards has given the Council across the county in promoting a healthy lifestyle and honouring those who have been nominated and been successful at our annual function which has gone from strength to strength over the last decade.”There will be at least one new category this year as the Primary Schools will be split with an award for a big school and small school. Flags will be presented to both of these categories as well as the winner of the secondary school award.These flags similar to the Green Flag can then be raised on the grounds of the winning schools. The Hall of Fame winner will be chosen by the committee therefore no nominations will be accepted in this category.Nominations can be done online from the nominations page and emailed to or by completing a simple nomination form, which can be downloaded and posted to Paul McDaid, Post Office, Ramelton.Those not using on-line can simply post their nominations to Paul McDaid, Post Office, Ramelton. A brief summary only of achievements will suffice.Pictorial and DVD footage is also required. For further details visit The deadline for nominations is Friday, November 25th. The Donegal Sports Star Awards presentation function takes place on Friday, January 27th in the Mount Errigal Hotel.Nominations now open for Donegal Sports Star Awards was last modified: October 24th, 2016 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Brandon Belt’s success with Giants flying under the radar

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — There are several different ways to evaluate a hitter’s contributions to a lineup, but one of the most important is a player’s ability to get on base.Over the last three and a half weeks, no one in baseball has been better at doing so than Giants first baseman Brandon Belt.If you’re surprised to learn Belt has the highest on-base percentage (.474) in baseball since May 23, you’re not alone. Belt’s recent success has flown under the radar, in large part because of the way …last_img read more

Early African fossils found

first_imgMuch of northern Africa is dominated by the Sahara desert. (Image: Nasa) The Sahara desert, an ancient ocean, is a treasure trove of fossils. (Image: Museum of Palaeontology)Janine ErasmusGoogle Earth has once again proved to be a boon to academia – the search engine has played an important role in the discovery of a treasure trove of African fossils that could shed light on the movement of mammals from Asia into Africa.Palaeontologist Philip Gingerich of the University of Michigan and his colleagues Greg Gunnell and William Sanders made the discovery by roundabout way of a whale fossil found in a block of limestone cut from a quarry in Egypt. The limestone was in Italy at the time, where masons were slicing it into thinner pieces for use as countertops.Noticing what looked like pieces of fossils in the stone, the masons immediately contacted palaeontologist Giovanni Bianucci from the University of Pisa, who identified the remains as those of a 40-million-year-old whale. The mammal lived in Egypt during the time when the northern part of Africa was a much wetter place than it is today.Gingerich, an expert on early whales, was immediately intrigued and began making plans to visit the quarry. There was one problem, though, and that was the exact location of the site. Before setting out on a mystery trek across the desert, the palaeontologist decided to search for the quarry using Google’s state-of-the-art virtual earth application.Hunt for fossilsHis only clue was a comment made by Bianucci that the quarry was near the Egyptian city of El Sheikh Fadl, situated on the east bank of the Nile river about 160km south of the capital city Cairo. The area is well known for its quality limestone, which is shipped all over the world in the form of countertops and tiles.It didn’t take Gingerich long to locate El Sheikh Fadl. The next step was to locate the source of the limestone. “My idea was that a big rock quarry should show up,” he said in an interview with the Michigan Daily newspaper. “If it’s big enough to be exporting limestone to Europe, it’s going to have trucks coming in and out of it.”Gingerich’s sharp eye soon spotted what looked like a range of limestone cliffs leading eastward across the Sahara desert. Zooming in and following the trail, he first saw the road he was seeking, and then an area of excavations that he knew must be the quarry.Wasting no time, the palaeontologist made his way to Egypt, where he met with colleagues and then set out for the site. Once there, however, the busy quarrying industry and associated blasting seemed to be a hindrance to the easy discovery of whale fossils – until Gingerich spotted a band of red running through the white limestone.Rich cache of fossilsThis turned out to be a line of sediment, laid down in ancient caves by the wind and perfectly preserved. There was a good possibility of discovering fossils in this exact location, because caves often acted as traps.“Red markings usually signify places where ground water has eroded caves,” said Gingerich, “and there should be animals preserved in that sediment.” He was proven correct when the team found a rich cache of little bones and jaws scattered throughout the area.Samples were delivered to researcher Gregg Gunnell and William Sanders of Michigan University’s Museum of Palaeontology. Gunnell identified them as 20-million-year-old bats and rodents from the Miocene period that extended from 23-million to 5.3-million years ago. The little fossils belonged to the early Miocene epoch (23-million to 16-million years ago).Animal migrationIn fact, the researchers concluded that they could be amongst the oldest known mammal fossils from that period and, as such, an important clue to the dispersal of species between Africa and Asia, and between North Africa and the rest of the continent.The early Miocene migration of bovid species from Asia into Africa occurred during cooler periods, when polar ice caps were denser and there was less water in the oceans. A combination of the lowered sea level and tectonic movement caused a land bridge to form between Africa and Asia at the time, giving animals the opportunity to seek new pastures.Gingerich never found the whales he was looking for, but his discovery nonetheless is significant because the small rodents and bats could represent some of the forerunners of the wildlife that Africa is renowned for today.“This place where we’re working on in Egypt is kind of right on those crossroads of coming into Africa from Asia, and in some cases going out of Africa as well,” he said.Scientific discoveryThis is not the first time Google Earth has aided in a scientific discovery. The application was crucial in the discovery in 2008 of the previously unknown Mount Mabu in Mozambique, an important biodiversity area that is virtually untouched.In 2008 a meteor crater in Australia, dated between 10 000 and 100 000 years ago, was discovered in the western part of the country. Just two years before a 30km-wide crater, the biggest one ever found in the region, was identified in the Sahara desert. These are just two of 170-plus meteor craters around the world that may now be viewed in Google Earth.Google Earth has also facilitated the discovery of the remains of a Roman villa built just before the birth of Christ, as well as ancient ruins in Burgundy, France.And recently Google Earth has helped to raise awareness of a historical British site located about 1.5km east of Stonehenge. This is the spot where a clump of trees was planted as a tribute to Admiral Lord Nelson’s hard-fought Battle of the Nile. Each tree marks the position of a British or French ship in the battle. The site has been marked in Google Earth.The application is also proving to be valuable for future events as well as those that happened many years ago.In 2008 South African Tourism, with the help of Quirk e-Marketing, created an entire South African layer for Google Earth. The country was only the third to earn Google approval for its own official tourism layer, which features popular attractions ranging from scenic drives and safari destinations to locations of the stadiums for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.Do you have queries or comments about this article? Contact Janine Erasmus at articlesMount Mabu yields hidden bountyGoogle Earth zooms in on SASA Google Earth layer is topsGoogle to put Africa onlineUseful linksMuseum of Palaeontology, University of MichiganBernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research, Wits UniversityUniversity of Michiganlast_img read more

The Real Reason Your Buyer is Deep Into the Buying Process

first_imgWant to know why your dream client is deep into their buying process when they decide to explore working with a new partner?Surprise! It’s not the Internet!If you think your dream client is spending their day on the Internet researching your product, service, or solution, you are incorrect. Your dream client is buried alive trying to produce the business results they are charged with producing.If you believe that your dream client is through the phase of the buying cycle where they begin to recognize their needs because they spent their day with their face all aglow from their laptop screen, you are mistaken.If you assume that they are deep into identifying the options available to them before they ever speak to a salesperson because the Internet replace the need for a salesperson, you are suffering from a delusion brought on by your spending too much time on the Internet and buying the hype.The primary reason your dream client is deep into the buying process when they decide to cast aside the status quo is because this isn’t the first time they have bought what you sell.First Time at the Rodeo . . . NotThe reason your dream client is so deep into the buying process when you happen upon them is because they have already purchased what it is that you sell. They have probably made the decision to buy more than once or twice.They know what they need because they have been using what you sell for a long time, and they believe they know what needs to change in order to get better results. They also know what a lot of their options look like. Not because they have spent their time on the Internet, but because your competitors have relentlessly called on them over the years, trying to nurture relationships. They have seen what’s available.If your dream client is 60+ percent through their buying cycle before they first communicate with a salesperson, it’s because they have some experience buying what you sell. This ain’t their first time at the rodeo.How You SellThis whole “Internet” thing seems to have some legs. There is no reason to pretend that it’s a fad or that it’s going away. You and your company should have a killer presence on the web, one that helps you acquire clients.But there isn’t any reason to pretend that there isn’t value to be created for your dream clients early in the process unless that value is housed on the Internet. This is criminal negligence.If you are going to win your dream clients, you need to get in front of their buying process.Getting in front of your client’s buying cycle means you prospect and nurture relationships. It means you need to help shape their needs, and you need to share ideas before your dream client is ever dissatisfied (creating value before claiming any). When you are out in front of an opportunity, you have the relationships, you are known, and you have a record of being a value creator.When your dream client decides to move, they are going to look at your website for sure. But you are already going to be invited in for the plain and simple fact that you haven’t gone away at any time during the three years they exclusively used your competitor.The real reason your dream client is deep into their buying process before they ever speak to a salesperson is because it’s not their first time buying. Sell like this is true and don’t fall behind the buying cycle. Instead, lead it.QuestionsIs the reason your clients are deep into their buying process because they have the Internet as a research tool? Or is it because they have bought enough times to be a sophisticated buyer?How does the fact that your buyer has some ideas about what they need when they decided to change effect the decisions you make about how to sell?If you really want your dream client to try something new, innovative, and disruptive, at what stage of the buying cycle do you want to approach them with your ideas? Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

Indore holds on to top spot as India’s cleanest city

first_imgFor the second year in a row, Indore has been declared India’s cleanest city, followed by Bhopal and Chandigarh, according to the Swachh Sarvekshan 2018 rankings announced on Saturday. Jharkhand was ranked the best performing state, followed by Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh.At the bottom of the pile, the dirtiest city with a population over one lakh, was Bhadreswar in West Bengal. In fact, 19 of the country’s 25 dirtiest cities lie in West Bengal, according to the Survey. The nationwide urban cleanliness survey, conducted by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, covered 4,203 cities in its third iteration. The first version of the survey, released in 2016, ranked only 73 cities, while last year’s rankings covered 434 cities.Cities’ cleanliness scores take into account data provided by urban local bodies, independent observation by Central assessors, as well as citizen feedback. “The objective of the survey is to encourage large-scale citizen participation and create awareness amongst all sections of society about the importance of working together towards making towns and cities a better place to live in,” said a Ministry statement. Overall, 38 lakh citizens provided feedback this year.This year, while national rankings were issued for the 485 cities with a population of over one lakh, zonal rankings were determined for smaller cities. Bundu in Jharkhand (East), Kakching in Manipur (North East), Panchgani in Maharashtra (West), Siddipet in Telengana (South) and Bhadson in Punjab (North) were declared winners among these smaller cities. Delhi Cantonment was awarded as the cleanest Cantonment Board in the country.last_img read more

Hold up, world. Justin Trudeau’s assistant MIGHT just be cuter than him

first_imgEvery political leader, no matter how charismatic, has that one man or woman to depend on for everything. For Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it’s Tommy Desfosses. And while the PM himself is quite the globally popular dapper, it’s his assistant who’s getting some love on the internet these days.Of course Desfosses supports every move Trudeau makes, but there’s more. Not only does Desfosses travel around with his leader, he also carries stuff for him! Now that’s real support.Also Read: Justin Trudeau manspreading on the cover of an in-flight magazine is the best thing you’ll see today Kevin Doyle, a political editor, recently shared a photo on Twitter of Desfosses carrying all of Trudeau’s gifts–while the PM himself went around hobnobbing with people like he’s supposed to be doing.This poor guys has to carry all Trudeau’s gifts. So far: rugby and GAA jerseys, socks, bodhrn, hurley, framed Yeates poem… Kevin Doyle (@KevDoyle_Indo) July 4, 2017Clearly visible in the photo are two bags, a variety of funky socks that Trudeau loves to sport, and other articles of clothing. Doyle called Desfosses a ‘poor guy’, and the latter agreed wholeheartedly with an amazing rejoinder: “Poor guy indeed, but handsome.”Picture courtesy: Twitter/KevDoyle_IndoAlso Read: Rihanna asked Justin Trudeau to increase education funding, and here’s how the PM replied And that’s how this unsung hero from Trudeau’s team stole the limelight. What’s more, a closer look at him, and we discovered that not only is this guy a true Trudeau-supporter, but also cute and amazing himself.advertisementPicture courtesy: Twitter/TDesfossesPicture courtesy: Twitter/TDesfossesFrom posting Beatles-inspired photos of Team Trudeau, to posing with his nephew, Desfosses just stole our hearts by being the person he is. Time to move over, Trudeau?last_img read more

Callum Wilson strikes for Bournemouth to add to Huddersfield’s woes

first_img 9 Kachunga Lineups Read more Huddersfield Match stats 6 5 1 Lossl 20 Brooks 9 Mousset (s 90′) 44 Rowe Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn 27 Stankovic 27 Begovic Bournemouth BOU43HUD57% 13 9 match reports 44 Surridge Goal attempts 10 Mooy Huddersfield 25 Jorgensen 37 Durm 7 Huddersfield Off target 4 AFC Bournemouth 1 Huddersfield On target 4 AFC Bournemouth Corners 43 57 7 Bacuna 26 Schindler Possession Substitutes Read more Share on Twitter 12 Hamer 42 Puncheon (s 61′) (s 46′) 41 Daly 24 Fraser 8 Lerma (s 44′) AFC Bournemouth 15 Smith James Ward-Prowse free-kick caps Saints comeback against Tottenham Share on Pinterest 5 Ake 11 Daniels Substitutes 24 Mounie 8 Billing (s 65′) 21 Pritchard 17 King 1 Boruc 21 Rico BOU HUD 25 Simpson Löwe delivered the kind of cross they had been lacking soon after the restart but the opportunity went begging and after a swift Bournemouth counterattack, Wilson was denied when Jan Gorenc Stankovic intercepted Josh King’s ball across the area.But Bournemouth struck the decisive blow in the 67th minute when Wilson raced on to King’s defence-splitting pass and showed great awareness to cut the ball back for Fraser to sweep home from six yards.King forced Lössl into a smart save before Bournemouth somehow failed to score their third when Nathan Aké met Fraser’s free-kick with a header that struck Mathias Jorgensen and as the ball bounced on the goalline, neither King nor Wilson reacted quickly enough. Premier League Ayoze Pérez and Newcastle stun Everton with three-goal comeback 33 Mepham 29 Solanke 15 Lowe “Obviously my priority is to make sure Callum is fit and fine after today’s game,” said Eddie Howe. “He will of course be looking at the England situation I’m sure. I was pleased to see him play well for us and scoring.”Bournemouth carved out the first opening when Wilson’s low shot was comfortably saved by Jonas Lössl. But Wilson did not waste his second chance. Fraser scampered clear down the left and his cross was turned in by Wilson at the far postJan Siewert replaced the ineffective Philip Billing with Chris Löwe during the interval. “The first half was not acceptable for me and that is why I talked to them at half-time,” said the Huddersfield manager. “I feel sorry for each supporter who came today and saw the first half. It was not my football at all and not the attitude I wanted from us” Topics Share via Email 13 Wilson 16 Ahearne-Grant 23 Clyne The Observer 6 Surman (s 76′) Fouls 33 Hadergjonaj Callum Wilson scored on his return to action as Bournemouth halted their away-day blues at Huddersfield.Wilson, back from seven weeks out with injury, chested home a first-half opener and laid on Bournemouth’s second for Ryan Fraser in front of watching Gareth Southgate, who on Wednesday names his England squad for next month’s Euro 2020 qualifiers. Share on WhatsApp Share on Messenger Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Jørgen Madsen Lindemann MTG president and CEO MT

first_imgJørgen Madsen Lindemann, MTG president and CEO.MTG has completed the sale of its Czech TV assets as it continues its transformation from “traditional national broadcaster into global digital entertainer”.In a statement, MTG confirmed it has closed the sale of its 50% shareholding in FTV Prima Holding to Denemo Media for a total cash consideration of €116 million.The Nordic company plans to use the proceeds from the sale to increase its ownership in online games developer InnoGames from 21% to 51%.MTG first announced in January that it would sell FTV Prima Holding, a company that operates one of the biggest free-to-air networks in the Czech republic, Prima, alongside a sting of other Prima-branded TV channels and the Prima Play streaming service.MTG bought its 50% stake of the business in 2005 for €87 million in cash. Including dividends received and the sale price, MTG estimates that its total cash return on the investment amounts to SEK1.6 billion (€167 million).“The sale will result in a net capital loss of preliminary some SEK110 million. All items related to FTV Prima Holding will be reported as discontinued operations in MTG’s Q2 interim report,” said MTG.To read more about MTG’s digital ambitions, see DTVE’s recent interview with Arnd Benninghoff, the head of the company’s digital division, MTGx.last_img read more

Polish pay TV platform nc has launched its new 4K

first_imgPolish pay TV platform nc+ has launched its new 4K UHD set-top box, with the UEFA Champions League football match between Borussia Dortmund and Tottenham Hotspur on November 21 to be shown in the format, along with English Premier League matches later this month.The UltraBOX+, which comes with a 1TB hard drive and the ability to record up to three programmes simultaneously, will be made available to higher-tier subscribers at no extra cost. Software for the box is supplied by ADB.In addition to live sports, nc+ viewers will be able to watch on-demand movies and internet-delivered services in 4K.“The 4K UltraBOX+ product is an example of yet another joint success and our strong partnership with nc+. In fact over ten years ago, together with nc+, we introduced the HDTV standard to the Polish market and launched our first HD platform. We initiated the revolution in television reception and viewer experience. Since then, nc+ has applied many ADB pioneering solutions such as: PVR, pushVOD, Multiscreen, internet TV, etc. to create an attractive, innovative and feature-rich offer,” said Jacek Galik, vice-president of sales at ADB.“We are very pleased that the operator has again chosen ADB technology to create UltraBOX+ and that together we are initiating the 4K era, once again ahead of the competition. This is the proof that we are a leader in the deployment and integration of modern technologies.”last_img read more