“I sign that the season ends and Cádiz and Zaragoza ascend”

first_imgHe Cadiz It continues to facilitate contact between the players of the first team and the fans through virtual meetings. In this case it was up to Jorge Pombo, one of the additions to the winter market. The player arrived as a loan from Zaragoza and has a clause in his contract that would force the Cadista club to pay his tab in case of obtaining the much-awaited promotion to the First Division. The man spoke of this and much more for about half an hour. The playmaker believes that the season of Cadiz and the Saragossa are being meritorious: “Cádiz has spent almost the entire season as leader, that is something that is very rarely achieved. Zaragoza also has merit, because with the budget it has it was complicated. It is to praise the season that they are doing. It is a pity that this quarantine has happened because of how we were both on track, but you have to be calm. “ As for the position in which he is most comfortable playing, the hand affirms that “I can play in different positions. In Zaragoza I played as a forward, although the playmaker is the one I like the most. I can also play on the far left. “To the question, Would you sign that the season ended now and Cádiz and Zaragoza ascend? the footballer is clear “I sign it right now. Selfishly I sign it, my team would be promoted and in which I play now. But I think the season is going to continue, I don’t think they will cancel it. It is a grace that can be canceled due to the privileged situation we have, we are first. It is a shame because there are many people behind, workers, the hobby … It will be played without a hobby because it is the protocol to guarantee safety but it will continue. “The footballer is enjoying the Carranza, although he affirms that this has not always been the case, “When you are a visitor you feel a lot of pressure. When I came with Zaragoza I thought it was a very screwed up stadium, and above all the times that I have come we have never won “.He praised his peers, although he prefers to associate with Perea Y Alex, “I like to associate with Perea and Álex. They are players who like the ball, and they are two gamers. With Jurado and Yann (Bodiger) I also understand myself well. “And as for the ones that make training more difficult for him: “With Fali he is the one I pick the most in training. I haven’t been in a long time, but I have a lot of it with him, and with Yann (Bodiger) I have a lot of it. “He also joked with the fans about the Andalusian accent and the southern expressions, “There are very strange words and you also speak very fast, there are times when I don’t find out anything. Expression I stay with ‘what’s up, balls?’ I was very surprised and Juanito (Marchante) says it a lot. That phrase has stuck with me. “Of First it remains with a player, “Isco. I have always paid close attention to it. He seems to me a brutal player, he also plays in my position. Each one has their favorite players. Messi is in another world because he is from another planet, but removing that, Isco seems to me the best “.From his tattoos, Pombo He explains that “many have no explanation because what I see I get tattooed. I have some relatives who are no longer there. The ones that have the most meanings are those of my parents and my sister, and those of my cousins. The one that most identifies me is the tiger because they call me that. “The soccer player affirms that he does not like television much, but he does series. “My favorite series is ‘Game of Thrones’ without a doubt, and as a child I liked ‘El Internado’. I am not much of a TV watcher, beyond the news.” Pombo He spoke sincerely throughout the meeting, and He recognized that, despite being happy in Cádiz, it was hard for him to leave his city. “It cost me a lot because it was the first time I left Zaragoza. A new stage was beginning and it was difficult for me to come to Cádiz. I think that I have chosen a good option and I am very comfortable and happy here.”In fact, affirms that he would stay in Cádiz even if he did not get promoted, “I would not mind, it is a club and a very good city. I am very comfortable here, and I would not mind staying, but my contract says that if we do not ascend I will return to Zaragoza. “He also expressed his opinion regarding playing behind closed doors, “the best thing would be to continue, but with the fans, because without an audience football is nothing, everything looks very poor. In the end, football is a spectacle, without fans and without an audience, it should not be resumed “, he says Pombo. elevenlast_img read more