What one Binghamton organization is doing to help recovering addicts as isolation takes its toll

first_imgThe organization is also collecting used microwaves to ensure that all individuals in their recovery program are able to heat up the meals provided in the care packages. “It causes a person to sit alone with their thoughts and it might be harder for them to be distracted from cravings and their desire to use,” said Alexis Pleus, Executive Director of Truth Pharm, an addiction resource center in Binghamton. “We’re encouraging people to stay away from others to practice social distancing, but on top of that we know that substance use disorders and mental health are often co-occurring,” said Marissa Knapp, Opioid Overdose Prevention Coordinator for the Broome County Health Department. One activist says this puts addicts who are in recovery at risk of relapse and overdose. “A lot of times in those conversations people are expressing concern for a loved one they can talk about the things they’ve seen and the issues they’ve had,” she said. “We’ve gone virtual with our Narcan training and we will connect people with a person who can do Narcan training either with face time or facebook live,” she said.center_img Pleus says often times Narcan training is about more than just learning how to administer the life saving drug. Pleus says with the risk of overdose or relapse heightened, her organization decided to take action. “We’re reaching out to all of them to figure out what their specific needs are and we’re creating care packages with the hope that it will help them stay home for two weeks,” she said. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The isolation that comes with social distancing can be difficult for anyone but experts say it’s especially difficult for addicts in recovery who rely on community support. last_img read more

Broome County Office for Aging shares advice against ‘blacktop scam’

first_imgThe office says you do the following to protect yourself from the scam: The office says they are hearing reports of the “blacktop scam.” They say the job done on the driveway is usually “poorly done” and often requires the driveway to be repaired. The scam, the office says, usually involves a person offering to repair driveways at a reduced cost. (WBNG) — The Broome County Office for Aging is warning county residents about a service scam. The Broome County Office for Aging says the blacktop scam is more common in the summertime. Be cautious of individuals and companies saying they have leftover asphalt from a previous jobBe cautious if the cost of the pavement job is very lowBe suspicious if the company is offering the service on a door-to-door basisThe office says this type of scam is usually operated by people travelling through different statesContact local officials to see if the company is licensed in your areaContact the Better Business Bureau to get a report of the company by calling 1-716-881-5222 or going to their website.last_img read more

Group speaks out against creation of Endicott Recycling Facility

first_imgThey’re calling on the DEC to require a full-environmental review of the facility among other requests. The group says a letter on behalf of 154 environmentalist was sent to the Department of Environmental Conservation. Last week, a letter from the DEC to SungEel Americas MCC the company wanting to open the facility called for further investigation into chemicals that may be processed at the plant. Wednesday night, Endicott leaders met over zoom to discuss the facility. Mayor Linda Jackson told 12 News the village attorney quote “explained that the DEC and SungEel are working on the new information they received.” ENDICOTT (WBNG) — A group named “No Burn Broome” is speaking out against the lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Endicott.last_img read more

2 facing charges after pursuit in Otsego County

first_imgPolice say troopers saw a vehicle leaving the scene of the burglary on County Route 20 in the town of Edmeston on July 13. (WBNG) — Authorities say two people are facing charges after a pursuit lead law enforcement through several roads in Otsego County. New York State Police say 30-year-old Jeese M. Souza of Oneonta, N.Y. and 20-year-old Alexis T. Bowers of Norwich will be charged with burglary in the 2nd degree, a felony. They say the vehicle chase ended with Souza, the driver of the vehicle, hitting a Otsego County Sheriff Deputy’s car. Souza was taken into custody after a foot pursuit, police say. The investigation is ongoing. Souza, Bowers and the deputy in the car Souza struck were taken to the hospital for injuries. Police say Souza and Bowers will be officially charged after their release from the hospital.last_img read more

Newark Valley moves to temporary remote learning

first_imgThe health department will be in contact with those who are affected by the positive case. Today, the Newark Valley Central School District was notified of a confirmed COVID case in the district. The district says due to the number of students and staff affected by contact tracing who will be required to quarantine, the school has decided to move grades 7 through 12 to remote learning until Oct. 29th. The district says they are working with the Tioga County Department of Health to proceed properly regarding testing and quarantine for students, staff and faculty and will be assisting the department of health with contact tracing procedures. The district states they will be continuing to monitor the situation and will be providing updates. NEWARK VALLEY (WBNG) — Newark Valley Central School District grades 7 through 12 will be moving to remote learning until Oct. 29th. Newark Valley Central School District said, “The health and safety of our students, staff, and school community continues to be our top priority. We appreciate your patience and ongoing cooperation as we work to ensure the safety of everyone in our district,” on their website.last_img read more