first_imgMy idea of what constitutes a “perfect day” is a bit of a moving target that’s shifted over time. When I was younger, an Allman Brothers show was definitely in the mix. Probably a visit to the Waffle House too. When my kids were babies, a very long nap followed by a marathon session of NFL was about as perfect as a day could get. My perfect day now? It would definitely include riding singletrack. Probably some sushi. And are the Allman Brothers still together? Let’s get them back in the picture too. If you ask me that question during winter, substitute fresh powder for singletrack and carry on with the plan. And don’t forget a bunch of these Perfect Day IPAs. They’re in the mix no matter what the season.Asheville Brewing Company has been brewing Perfect Day for at least a year now, but they just recently started canning the beer. You could argue that there are already too many IPAs on the market, and that the last thing a beer-drinker needs is to sort through yet another juicy, hop bomb. It’s a stupid argument, but you could make it. Here’s how that argument goes: “The shelves are packed with so many hoppy IPAs, I can’t make a decision on which beer to get.”I’ve actually made the argument myself on occasion, frustrated with the sheer volume of choices, unable to pick my next sixer because there are just too many beers. It’s enough to make you retreat into a can of something familiar, an old standby beer that’s good, sure, but more importantly, safe. Because not every new beer is great. Some of them actually suck. I had one the other day that tasted like regret with a hint of mint. That’s probably the only real problem with this massive brewing boom—not all of it is good. Every new beer you try is a gamble and nobody wins all the time. So why not just stick with the beer you know? Right?But every once in a while you take that leap of faith on a new beer and taste something like Perfect Day IPA, and you remember why it’s so important to take chances every once in a while. Perfect Day is an incredibly citrusy, balanced beer that eschews the bitter finish of old school IPAs, delivering waves of sweet, fruitiness instead. It has a smooth, almost fluffy mouthfeel that makes it dangerously easy to drink. The best part, it’s now available in cans year round, which means I can throw it into my perfect day scenario, whether I’m shredding singletrack or ripping powder. Now everyone sing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” with me: “Oh what a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you…”last_img

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