first_imgThe first conference on year-round tourism was held in the packed hall of the Sheraton Hotel. Can Croatian Tourism 365 ?. Along with numerous foreign and domestic experts, the topic of year-round tourism in Croatia and all the challenges that tourism faces, especially after the increase in the number of arrivals and guests. Croatian tourism must be better!High seasonality of tourism and reaching infrastructural and other maximums in the summer months and low tourist representation in the continental part of Croatia is a realistic picture of Croatian tourism, which worries us. The main topics of the conference discussed were, above all, how to extend the season and how to start continental Croatia.The conference was opened by Robert Pende, Deputy Minister of Tourism, who said that Croatia has a relatively good infrastructure, but that the capacities are not used well enough. It is necessary to show inventiveness and prudence. Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economy of Slovenia, pointed out several important facts that have led Slovenia to the recognizability of the destination and gave recommendations for the development of tourism: “The challenge that many destinations face today is over-tourism. Low prices are part of the problem, and destinations are becoming more accessible. Tourism is the largest industry in expansion, but we do not act responsibly towards people or the environment. Clear support is needed at the state level, and without a shared vision it does not work. In tourism, it is important every day of the year! “.The conference was concluded by the conference organizer, Ms. Ivana Kolar, who pointed out: ” At the end of this conference, it became clear that we do not lack desire, but that initiative and activity are needed. Only if we work actively can change happen. The overall efficiency of our work must be higher. At the state level, it is necessary to create a strategy for year-round tourism and stronger promotion, and to include continental Croatia in the whole story of tourism. Incentives for new projects, education of the population, provision of favorable financial resources from EU funds, easing of obstacles and provision of necessary infrastructure would also be welcome.. “Croatia can develop tourism 365 using models from other successful countries such as Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. But all this is part of a long-term process that can be realized overnight, nor is it the task of the state alone. This is the task of all of us who are still insufficiently connected, we still divide Croatia into continental and sea, we divide it by counties and individual places. “The point of this conference is to connect and collaborate and think outside the local community. Croatia must be one destination. We have 2 tasks ahead of us – to extend the season where we are good and to develop an attractive year-round offer on the continent where possible. Let’s connect our goals, our activities, our products and experiences and finally – our common results.- pointed out Kolar.last_img

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