April 11 2018The Strathclyde UniversityCosanti F

first_imgApril 11, 2018The Strathclyde University/Cosanti Foundation educational program continues this year with the arrival of Lim Chon Keat, known to us as “CK”. As with past participants, CK’s studies include the theory of Arcology, overseen by Co-President Jeff Stein, and sustainable technologies, overseen by Habitat Coordinator Scott Riley. This year the sustainable technologies studies are focused on our electrical system and related solar photovoltaic potentials.In the first photo CK is pictured on the right, working alongside Dennis McLaughlin, a visiting electrical engineer who is undertaking an extensive study of our primary electrical system.In the second photo, CK and resident Solar PV expert Michael Bittman are inspecting one of the many Solar PV rooftop installations at Arizona State University. The information will be useful in the design of a similar system for our Visitors Parking lot.The final image is the “energy mountain” – an energy use graph of the ten transformers of the campus electrical system against the backdrop of the midnight-to-midnight sky.last_img read more

Ukrainian cable operator Volia has signed agreemen

first_imgUkrainian cable operator Volia has signed agreements with two other operators to distribute its Smart HD OTT service over their networks. Volia has signed up network operators Miksnet and Telza in Kyiv and Zhaporozhye respectively.The Smart HD offering provides 130 linear TV channels as well as on-demand services. The first third-party network to sign up for the service is Datagroup, which operates residential services in Ukraine under the brand Domashniy Telecom.New features to be launched on the service before the end of the year include catch-up, startover and multiscreen TV.last_img read more

Damian Kavanagh Strong viewing figures for new BBC

first_imgDamian KavanaghStrong viewing figures for new BBC Three drama Thirteen shows that the youth network’s content “cuts through with a young audience wherever it is,” according to Damian Kavanagh.In a blog post that marks six weeks since BBC Three moved online-only, the network’s digital controller said that Thirteen has had over 2.4m requests so far – the same figure achieved by the last episode of established BBC One drama Sherlock when it was available in January.“Our new drama Murdered By My Father is up there now [on iPlayer]. It had 850k requests in under a week before it aired on BBC One, and now has over a million. Cuckoo: Birth is at 1.2 million and Life and Death Row: Execution and Sex In Strange Places: Turkey are now both over a million,” said Kavanagh.“It’s great our shows are reaching our audience but I want more than numbers to define success. Appreciation, engagement and impact with our audience are just as important today.“These are early days for BBC Three but I’m overjoyed with what we’ve achieved so far. It’s a marathon not a sprint but so far we’ve exceeded expectations. We’re iterating what we do with people, products and content and in many ways chose the harder path.“We know transforming the BBC’s offer for young people won’t happen overnight, but with what we’ve achieved so far, and what’s coming the future‘s bright. We’re building a fantastic team and working in new ways that are paying off, and earlier than we expected.”last_img read more

Russian pay TV operator NTV has teamed up with Eu

first_imgRussian pay TV operator NTV+ has teamed up with Eutelsat to launch a two-way satellite internet service, delivered via the Express-AMU1/Eutelsat 36C satellite.The service will be available throughout European Russia, the Urals and western Siberia, offering download speeds of up to 40Mbps and 12Mbps upstream, according to the pay TV operator.Subscribers will be able to sign up from RUB275 a month (€4), with prepaid options also available.NTV+ said that its offering would target individuals and small businesses as well as state and corporate customers, which currently account for 97% of satellite internet customers, according to TMT Consulting. The operator said that vast areas of the country were not covered by fixed networks or mobile networks of sufficient quality.NTV+ CEO Mikhail Demin said that the potential market for satellite internet services reached by the Express-AMU1 satellite was 1.4 million.last_img read more