tomorrow is Christmas, and then a few days to the new year’s day, in the occasion of the carnival Festival, there are opportunities everywhere! So for those who want to earn a small amount of business, in the double egg festival which small commodities will be more popular? Let’s take a look.

1, decorative gift – Christmas tree

2, key buckle

key buckle is also an ornament, the workmanship is very exquisite keychain, Christmas will be sold!

3, Christmas socks, Christmas hat

the Christmas stocking is to be used to install a gift, they will be at their socks hanging in the bed, waiting for the morning of the second day gifts.


string lights

lights string color pure light, very suitable for various places, festivals, wedding background layout, karaoke, concerts, theatre, dance halls, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, windows, shops, Home Furnishing etc..

5, a variety of other small gifts

light products, with a fantastic visual experience, is Christmas and the new year, Spring Festival and other festivals, to carry out recreational recreational activities ideal entertainment activities.

like Christmas or new year’s day, when people are revelry, and businesses can also use the festive atmosphere for a small fortune. Do not look at these small gifts inconspicuous, but very warm ah, especially nowadays young people, in the festival to buy some small gifts is very necessary. Want to make a small profit in this double egg Festival merchants who, seize the time to prepare it!



magic Dingdang dress? In our lives, the demand for healthy children’s clothing gradually increased. There is no doubt that children’s clothing market, is a very competitive brand to join the project selection. What magic Dingdang dress? Quality children’s clothing, the best choice for entrepreneurship!

Clothing homogenization

traditional clothing store is very serious, let the people see it is difficult to have the desire to buy, but the magic Dingdang dress is not the same, the magic Dingdang children have a children’s most professional design team, senior designers, each designed clothing can cause a stir moreover, children will be magic Dingdang week update, make consumers to magic Dingdang can always see the new clothing clothing store. Magic kids Dingdang jiamengfei expensive? Small investment, let you earn a lot of money.

magic Dingdang dress OK?

children’s clothing market has always been a very broad space for development, especially in the current national policy to promote the opening of the second child era, the children’s clothing market is increasingly concerned by investors. Magic kids Dingdang jiamengfei expensive? Xiaobian to interview a big boss Mr. Zhuo Wei today, he joined the investment magic Dingdang children’s clothing brand, let him become very good living conditions. Xiao Bian learned that Mr. Zhuo Wei was a very ordinary water delivery staff, in the end what is the reason for him to switch to do children’s clothing and rapid development.

magic Dingdang’s franchise fee expensive? Magic Dingdang children is a popular project, the investment potential, the market is hot. Magic Dingdang’s quality is good, the price is high, is now very popular children’s products, children’s clothing brand product that lets you make good money in children’s clothing market, believe it will become the object of competition for many investors, therefore, to grasp the magic Dingdang’s alliance, business will become more relaxed the.

good choice of entrepreneurial projects, let us start to become very simple. Magic Dingdang children joined? Free business, to choose to join magic Dingdang children’s clothing!

exhibition area: Shanghai   >   Shanghai

exhibition time: 2015-5-16  0:00:00 2015-5-18  0:00:00


if you are on this show is very interested, then welcome more merchants to participate. Many dealers and related enterprises have submitted the intention to participate, you can harvest a lot, look forward to the arrival of the exhibition!


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business market has a lot of choice the myriads of changes, entrepreneurship, and in the age of the Internet entrepreneurs, how will the Internet and big data business advantage to better is important, which is ZTE chairman Hou Weigui for young entrepreneurs advice.

as gathered hundreds of high-tech listed company, GDP over 300 billion years, known as the first Guangdong economy strong area of Shenzhen Nanshan District, has always been the most sought after "entrepreneurial powder". In November 9th, sponsored by the "China entrepreneur" magazine Jeep? The last station chiefs dialogue activities, leading from all over the country dozens of entrepreneurs in Shenzhen into the Nanshan District ZTE headquarters to communicate.

the current concerns about the domestic economic growth rate down, Hou Weigui said the national economy can not always maintain a high growth rate, Chinese through so many years of growth after the base has been quite large, 20 years ago, 1% and now 1% completely different concept. China’s global demand is still very strong overall, supporting the global economic development, we do not need to be pessimistic. China’s economy in the next 5 years, 10 years, there will be no crisis, but there will certainly be some fluctuations in the economic cycle."

According to the


breakfast in the west is the bread with milk, in China is porridge with fried dough sticks. Although fried dough sticks are not suitable as a healthy breakfast choice, but porridge is recognized as a healthy breakfast food. From the simple small rice porridge to the sink of nutrients. Eight porridge, a variety of forms, rich nutrition, is one of the most popular food. Xiao Bian also believe that the porridge in the catering industry will never disappear. Here to recommend three kinds of simple and easy to do the characteristics of porridge.

light casserole vegetables porridge

material: rice, green vegetables

practice: 1, the amount of rice is cleaned, and then soaked in water to each grain of rice are full of moisture absorption (if there is no time can not bubble, so that the time needed to cook a little longer casserole);

Add amount of boiled

2, casserole, add the soaked rice, a few drops of sesame oil, and then use a spoon to stir (or rice casserole with bottom), to boil again after you can cover the casserole, turn off the fire and go;

3, more than half an hour after the opening of the casserole cover, rice has been blossoming;

4, if love is more soft waxy and colloid feeling, can be porridge boil again, then cover the casserole, you can turn off the heat;

5, the cooked rice congee is all-match, will wash chopped cabbage, boiled into porridge, stir well, and then transferred amount of salt and chicken.

chrysanthemum jujube medlar porridge

material: rice, chrysanthemum, jujube, medlar

practice: 1, tremella plus water soak, removed the roots, torn into small pieces; 2, after the water into the casserole of rice, tremella fire boil, small fire to cook for half an hour;

3, into the chrysanthemum, non nuclear gold jujube, Chinese wolfberry, continue to cook for half an hour;

4, will be cooked porridge cool to sixty degrees, add honey and mix thoroughly.

water chestnut osmanthus

barley porridge

material: Six cooked caltrop, six

2/3, 1/3 cup of water chestnut, barley and rice, a small cup of dried Osmanthus (like sweet osmanthus sugar can be selected);

practice: 1, seed soaking for two hours in advance, the rice soak for half an hour, raw chestnut cut into small pieces, cooked chestnut mashed into powder (especially >

when we go to the store to shop will often encounter such a phenomenon, the boss of the computer to play the joy, smiling, so that customers shouted a few people did not respond. If such a store shopping, I am afraid that not many customers will have a good reputation, want to become repeat customers is even more difficult. So, if the shop to do business, really need to focus on one’s mind, so as to ensure that the shop business is hot.

one day at 2 in the afternoon, I was cleaning, her husband in front of the computer, and his niece in the chat, they are very involved in the conversation, boss, to the box of blue white sand." Suddenly a voice came, I did not go to the tube, after a while, "come to the box of blue white sand." Is busy I may be too dependent on her husband, so that the customer came in and I did not go to the tube, then I was awakened to the sound, so that students wonder, her husband out?

I have no time to think, to a counter, I saw her husband are happy to chat, shine with happiness in the online world, completely lost his consciousness, as if suddenly turn to reality, I gave him a push, he seems to have realized the said: "want to smoke?" Seeing him like this, the customer said, "blue white sand." I glanced at my husband, the blue white handed to the customer, I smiled and said: "ready to shift?"

customer says, "Yeah."." He said he would open the cigarette box, and saw him take out a cigarette in his mouth, but his hands were like in his pocket began to look for a lighter, I took advantage of the lighter handed him. The lighter you send, you so I know a lot of people, they always come here to buy things, a two back to back, austria."

in this case, the customer will shout a few more, there are a lot of customers may look at the boss this service attitude, simply do not want to shop in this shop. Because of this, I will send fire just to make a circle, make up a mistake, although he would not come to my shop, but I let him know that I have the desire to buy his shop.

Liu Xiuqin is not only a rare female entrepreneur, or a disabled person. But she did not yield to the fate, but the effort, by virtue of their established decoration team, with 5 years of time to obtain the "female star" the honorary title.

"Xiu Qin sister, my house has got the keys, you have time to help me take a look at, help me design." "Good fellow, a free afternoon to go", "sister Xiu Qin, my wallpaper to paint? Said the master can wallpaper." "To, you come and see the wallpaper you satisfied?" the morning of December 20th, Liu Xiuqin just to open the shop door soon, come to buy things, talk about business employees she is busy busy in a continuous line, east of the west, even sit down and drink slobber don’t have time to breathe.

1994 years, Liu Xiuqin followed her husband from his hometown in Henan came to the 183 group of eleven. First came to Xinjiang, Liu Xiuqin and her husband began to learn farming, from the initial yield is low, then the output is high, the conditions at home is better every day, Liu Xiuqin also gradually to life is full of hope, because the legs inconvenient, in most of the work falls on the body of her husband, looking at husband work hard every day in the ground plane with a hard-earned money, Liu Xiuqin began to love dearly, she vowed, must rely on their own strength to change this, facing the Loess back up bitterness.

2011, farm to speed up the pace of urbanization, the building of affordable housing in the field such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain after another, it also let Liu Xiuqin see business opportunities. She took out a ten yuan for more than ten years of farming save money, in the center of farm mortgage a more than and 100 square meters of commercial housing. Liu Xiuqin figured, farm buildings are built up, the staff to buy the building, the next step is to decorate the house, open a shop decoration, this may make her a better life.

hot pot restaurant business success, whether you have the ability to learn. Diet without borders, to see the good we can use for reference, on the basis of the original. When it comes to Japanese food, we think of sushi or something, but you know what? Japanese hot pot in the local was so unique, you have to follow the small series I humbly ask for advice.

according to reports, the Japanese Hot pot is connected, it is many kinds of soup, including seafood soup, exquisite, Hot pot Hot pot etc.. Among them, "Shou hi hot pot" was invented by Japanese farmers. The legend of ancient Japanese have the habit of eating Hot pot, farmers will fish and vegetables into the pit on the pot, cook and eat. From the latter half of the nineteenth Century, the popular way to eat hot pot in Japan, people will cut into thin slices of beef and seafood, vegetables, etc. together in the pot boil, eat raw eggs with sauce, soy sauce and sugar made of seasonings. Now, the Japanese hot pot and further development, regardless of the bottom of the soup, materials or condiments, are much more than the previous attention. Japanese hot pot features, in particular, is a special focus on health and nutrition. Specifically, is to emphasize the original flavor of hot pot, pay attention to the origin of the material.


diet is a culture that is important to the appetite of diners and the formation of their own store style. Japanese hot pot shop environment is generally set up in Japan FEEL. For example, the ascension of the hot pot table, in full accordance with the Japanese to eat hot pot habits.

soup: kelp soup

is the soul of Hot pot soup, Japanese Hot pot soup is more exquisite taste and nutritional benefits in kelp (a deep-sea seaweed), dried fish or miso soup, light, highlighting the original delicious material. The Japanese believe that the delicious soup, is equivalent to provide a good stage of hot pot material, so to undertake the taste of the performance can be more perfect.

is the most popular in Japan in the soup is a soup". It consists of natural dry kelp and dried fish slice after grinding, boiling, filtering and precipitation over a long time, kelp and dried fish fusion and sweet taste, taste the most likely leads to Hot pot material. There is a kelp soup, will be cut into 10 cm length of laminaria, add water and a certain proportion of seasonings, cook Weihuo taste, the most suitable collocation seafood.

material: from origin


material is Hot pot body, it absorbs the essence soup also retains its own flavor, the material is very exquisite Japanese Hot pot "origin", which is very particular about the food origin of beef in Kobe is not Guangzhou local beef. People say "Hot pot shop tunnel, which is one of the reasons the materials are authentic, such as Hokkaido, Kobe, Kagoshima black Yuanbei beef pork are authentic imported from japan.

is now in the social and economic diversification, people pursue their careers but also a variety of ways, with the increasing employment pressure, now many young people choose to start their own businesses to expand their own businesses, to start their own different life. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. For the beginning of the business people, both the lack of social experience, and there is not enough capital chain, so the business needs to be cautious, the choice of entrepreneurial projects is very important, so how to find the right entrepreneurial projects? />

A, from their own field of

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cultural construction has become the focus of major cities, is committed to providing a better environment for the public to meet everyone’s knowledge of cultural knowledge. The day before Changsha, strengthen the construction of cultural service center, and strive to make the cultural service center into a community, the majority of the people and friends alike.

who lives in Hexi, Changsha, especially love to read books, almost every week to go to the Binjiang Cultural Park Changsha library borrowing books. "There are many good books, my children are also very fond of, that is, every time a little trouble crossing the river." By 2018, Ms. ho will not have such trouble. Because the door will have a cultural service center, features and complete configuration, the public can easily carry out reading, fitness and other recreational activities.

reporter learned from the general office of the Changsha Municipal People’s government, the opinions on promoting the construction of grassroots comprehensive cultural service center (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion") has been issued. The opinions proposed that by 2018, the scope of the town of Changsha (street) and village (community) generally built adequate resources, well-equipped, standardized service base of the comprehensive cultural service center.

village level cultural station, an area of not less than 200 square meters

Changsha City Osmanthus fragrans Ping Street community is a resettlement area, within the community public service center area of 3078 square meters, a total of 6. Here, you can read, you can practice calligraphy, you can learn to dance, but also to do parent-child manual……

in the future, Changsha urban and rural residents around the public cultural facilities will be more and more perfect. "Opinions" put forward to a reasonable layout of public cultural facilities in the township (street) service level, the population reached 5 – 100 thousand, set up a large cultural station, construction area of not less than 1000 square meters; the service population reached 3 – 50 thousand, and set the cultural station, the construction area of not less than 800 square meters; the population in the service 30 thousand, set up a small cultural station, the construction area of not less than 500 square meters.

in the village (community) level, each village (community) to build 1 comprehensive cultural service centers, construction area of not less than 200 square meters.

Cultural Service Center shall not be built in government offices

grassroots comprehensive cultural service center built where? The "opinions" pointed out that should be built in convenient transportation, population concentration, facilitate the masses to participate in the activities of the region, shall not be built in the township (street) government offices. Such as building and other facilities need special access system.

The basic functions of the

layout should be: multi-function hall, reading room, reading room, public electronic reading room, training room, management room and outdoor venues, publicity